Kurt Cobain About A Son DVD

Kurt Cobain - About A Son DVDIt sounds like the impossible task: demythologizing Kurt Cobain. Yet, AJ Schnack actually found a way to create and distribute a movie that doesn’t fawn over him, that doesn’t include Nirvana music, concert footage, or even a photo of Cobain–until very briefly at the end. About A Son is different. Instead, all you hear is his voice, talking to an interviewer who stays mostly silent. All you see are images of Cobain’s Cascadian homes–backwoods Aberdeen, boho Olympia, home-of-Mudhoney Seattle, all present day–spliced together into a visual mélange that could serve almost as well accompanying a Travel Channel survey of the Pacific Northwest Read More

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  1. He is dead but hes not gone!!! kurt still lives in our hearts, and yeah its kinda weird this guy made up a religion, thats stupid. but y cant u talk to kurt? why not? sometimes I also talk to him. i dont pray, im just thankfull for what he has done, and how much he helped me

  2. i went out and boought this film on amazon a few months back and it made me crie and im a full grown man. i loved it so much i went back and bought this on blu ray. i am the biggest nirvana fan i know and i really have gotten into kurt as a person and i really understand how he felt about many things. its too bad he didnt have many people he felt cared about him most of the time. he loved his wife and daughter so much and respected them so much he ended his life to make sure his daughter francis had a good one. he was a true loving, caring, sensitive and a great person. i really wish i couldve met him and had a few beers with him. maybe he wouldve liked me and we couldve been friends. it really makes me sad wen i think about him now. i highly recomend this film. HIGHLY.

  3. dudes. i am 12years old and i frekin love kurt cobain mi brother got me into and he is 17. i play bass and i can play most his songs. i think he was killd to. not pointing fingers though i gotta deal with it. dam thing sucks though.

  4. sigan su propia ideología su propio ritmo sean unicos vivan su vida sin importarles los de+ eso dice el grunge y es lo que practico nuestro idolo y es lo q refleja en su musik QEPD KURT COBAIN

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  6. I watched “Live Tonite Sold Out” this morning and it made me sad. Oh what I would give to have been one of those people in the crowd at their concert. I love Nirvana and their music ROCKS, but I think everyone missed out greatly if they didn’t get a chance to experience them live in concert. And to anyone who DID get to see them LIVE, well, kiss my a$$…. 🙂

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