Kurt Cobain About A Son DVD

Kurt Cobain - About A Son DVDIt sounds like the impossible task: demythologizing Kurt Cobain. Yet, AJ Schnack actually found a way to create and distribute a movie that doesn’t fawn over him, that doesn’t include Nirvana music, concert footage, or even a photo of Cobain–until very briefly at the end. About A Son is different. Instead, all you hear is his voice, talking to an interviewer who stays mostly silent. All you see are images of Cobain’s Cascadian homes–backwoods Aberdeen, boho Olympia, home-of-Mudhoney Seattle, all present day–spliced together into a visual mélange that could serve almost as well accompanying a Travel Channel survey of the Pacific Northwest Read More

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  1. i talk to kurt when i pray to him!!
    do the same and pray to him and he will respond.

    spread the religion its the only way it will get around.
    its called cobainism!

  2. Stfu stimpy. I’m pretty sure Kurt would’ve hated you making up a fucking religion about him. He doesn’t fucking “talk” to you when you pray to him you sick fuck. He’s dead and gone, and that’s just the way it is.

    Get over yourself.

  3. yeah. Be yourself, and live your life. It’s difficult to understand, that such a fantastic person is dead, but we have to. I love his music, and his life to, but Stimpy, or who are you, let Kurt rest in peace.

  4. hey regBrash FUCK OFF!!! how the fuck what would you know what Kurt would of hated. go eat a dick man!! we can respect or remember Kurt anyway we choose. as for stimpy keep on praying mate dont listen to this dickhead!
    PS. Ren and stimpy ROCK!!!

  5. Vegas native been a Nirvana fan since mid 1990. Nirvana-Rocks Just came back from NY and found this bad ass portait of Kurt it has small pictures of different pic of NY that makes a out with his face and him playin a guitar it total Bad Ass.

  6. i pray to kurt too and he does respond, but makin up a religion for him is kinda stupid. and if anyone says that praying to him is stupid then fuck you cus pple pray to god and u dont call them stupid, pple pray to their dead family members and you dont call them stupid so fuck you!

  7. hey everybody be cool just live your own life, have a good time, and listen to the fucking music… its all in the music

  8. it doesnt really matter what you! just go with it…and the religion thing.he hated being corporate he just wanted to be heard not thorown around…just be chill thats the true way to honor his death

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