Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Stars ConverseHe haunted Seattle’s music scene, withdrawing into its grit and grime. He thought some of it made sense, but most of it didn’t. So he turned to the only thing he knew for sure: his music. Soon it became clear; the inspired songwriter with scruffy hair and stormy eyes had taken the underground grunge movement mainstream. Converse invokes Kurt Cobains spirit with these Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylore All Star Converse. These shoes feature a canvas upper with lyrics from “Come As You Are” and “Dumb”. Available now at Converse.com

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  1. Yeah Jess you are soooo right!! I like the shoes. But I like them because I love him, and I want everyone to know. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 Soo yeah!

  2. Dame fucking straight! I know I’m right unlike some people! I actually care if that bitch Courtney Love sells him out and makes money off him!(And they are some fucking nice shoes)! I totaly agree with Lauren Rae, she may not have said much,but those few words said alot

  3. True,the lyrics are a good idea but the other stuff shouldn’t be on there and no, I wouldn’t want people going through my stuff when I’m gone and that is what I am trying to say. If there is stuff that he wanted to keep personal then it should always be keep personal.

  4. what is this fuckin advertisement,i just hate u guys,u r making money by the name of my lord,i just hate u bullshit.we only love our kurt not ur shoes mother fuckers

  5. Me and a bunch of Kurt Cobain lover(fans) bought Kurt a cake for his birthday with his name on it and stuff. IloveKurtCobain<3

  6. u’ll alwys be in our hearts K.Cobain..u rock!!i can’t understand you right now but i will nchl…i love your songs it’s just awesome!!
    kiss fropm Tunisia

  7. hey all, can I say something to all your comments? I am probably the biggest nirvana/cobain fan (no offense to anyone) but I followed his career and life and works of art both musically and artisticly and what you have to remember is as far as the shoes and journals and everything else you all think is lame, frances is getting a cut of too which kurt would not have a fuckin problem with at all. All you people who claim to be die hard fans cant honestly tell me you dont enjoy reading his thoughts or original lyrics from his journals cuz i sure as fuck do. granted i will give you that courtney making the profit is bullshit and in a way she is selling kurt out. I look to remember kurt anyway possible he was brilliant and just what we the “chosen outcasts” needed he was our voice when nobody would listen he was there with his music when we needed him thats why he will be forever remembered as the greatest musician of all time. I sport my cobain shirts to remind people of him and because im proud and honored that i had his music and still do so if buying a pair of shoes that symbolizes kurt is wrong i dont want to be right, and that doesnt make me any less of a fan! kurt your the man wish you were still here you had so much more to do and write here we miss you!

  8. Listen who the fuck has the nerve to ruin Kurt Cobain!?This is exactly what he tried to prevent and perhaps one of the reasons he died. Because of this retarted marketing and making things public. Hey listen guys cool shoes but to us Nirvana fans who actually gave a shit for Kurt, these shoes are bullshit.

  9. Who knows how Kurt would have felt about this. For one, he always did rail against commercialism and mtv, but at the same time he would call and complain that his videos weren’t played enough. If he were alive today he would probably condemn this bullshit (because that’s what it is) but at the same time he might have secretly encouraged for the simple reason it would help support his family. (After realizing that he singlehandedly saved converse from bankruptcy he wrote “endorsement” on his sneakers.) Honestly I don’t think he would take this kind of thing as seriously as you people are, as he openly mocked bands like x-treme for taking these things to seriously. Honestly I think he would have spent more time giving death threats to the people who seem to still attack his family. Fuck it, who cares. I know I like him for his music and the creative artwork he did and I won’t be spending my hard earned cash for this shit. To quote Kurt when he was talking about x-treme “They surround themselves these fucking dick-head commercial rock&roll guys who run ahead of them and tell the people who are greeting them ‘no video here’s what we need we want a path straight to the van, we don’t want any pictures taken’, and it’s like SO WHAT”. Fuck it, none of this matters anyway, so why not just laugh about it and stop taking it so goddamn seriously;)

  10. why in the hell are

    people even thinking of how he would have thought about a pair of stupid shoes. Its all a load of bullshit;) meow meow kitty power many paws and all that

  11. Sorry hope you kidding. I only see as a friend. Or acquaintance because i do not know you! Take care luv hearin from you Jesus.

  12. ive been a huge nirvana fan since i was 15 (im 32 now) and own a pair of these shoes. theyre just shoes, and.. i dont think kurt would give a shit what kind of shoes i wear, honestly. (mine were a present, i have no idea what these cost) ive been wearing all stars for 15 years now.

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