Kurt Cobain Converse Collection

Kurt Cobain ConverseConverse has given Kurt Cobain his own signature collection of shoes. Now available and shipping worldwide at Converse.com, Converse is currently producing a limited-edition series of Kurt Cobain footwear as part of the company’s 100th anniversary sales campaign, dubbed “Welcome to the Converse Century.” Each shoe is littered with drawings and writings that were published in 2002’s Kurt Cobain Journals. Several new models of Kurt Cobain shoes are coming with the Converse One Star model and a series of high-top Chucks already confirmed, according to NirvanaClub.com.

Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes provide a rarely seen glimpse into the head of this musical and lyrical genius with sketches that display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as Come As You Are.

To further pay tribute to the late singer, three of the Converse shoes that Cobain was often seen wearing will be reflected in the new collection which includes versions of Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes. To make the collection even more unique, they’ll have wear and fray detailing and Kurt Cobain’s signature subtly embroidered on the shoe’s outer.The shoes will be made available in black and white versions and should retail for around $50 – $65. The product line comes with the full cooperation of Courtney Love and the Estate of Kurt Cobain. Converse will release the full details of the shoes in April. Kurt Cobain Converse Collection One Star

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Buy Kurt Cobain All Star Converse at Converse.com


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  1. Just another example that anything is for sale, including a person’s private life. Kurt hated commercialism. And here it is.
    I wont be buying a pair Ill just stick to my nirvana records and photos.

  2. i love the shoes, but i dont think they should put stuff from his journal. thats personal. i dont think kurt would of wanted that. they should just put his name and some song lyrics. i mean the stuff in his journal is probley interesting but its his life and his buissnes. im goning to try to find a pair with no personal stuff.

  3. you know, i love kurt with all my heart, but i kinda agree that his personal life souldn’t be tampered with. he would love a line of his shoes, but he wouldn’t want his privet jornals displayed. i surly wouldn’t want personal writting produce for the public. oh and i hate courtney. srry 2 her fans. but i just don’t.

  4. oh and it would be diffrentt if he was alive and proved it or they were made with nivana lyric with permission from the band. not the wife. cuz shes a gold digger.

  5. write His name your own fucking self on your own fucking shoes! hell write his name, his lyrics, anything you want to anywhere you want. christ what the fuck is wrong with people…like this is an original idea? besides i cant see the O.G punks on the street panhandeling for change to buy these shoes.maybe scrawling his name on thier tattered converse with a stolen sharpie while sparing change for beer….but actualy buying shoes that are ready-made punk rock??? fucking never`

  6. OMG have you heard youselfs those shoes are bullshit i mean the people that buy them are not nirvana or cobain fans there not cool.
    There really bad how would you like it if someone got hold of your diary and photocopyed it and threw it from the roof tops and gave it out on the street cause iv got news for you ITS THE SAME FUCKING THING!

    I love nirvana and kurt i get some of the things but to publish his journals is one thing but to then put them on a overpriced shoe is fucked.

  7. Lolllll….cut the crap everyone and rather listen to his music and read his music…guess that is what he wanted…to share his music….leave the toys aside!!!

  8. Kurt was his own person, and he is remembered because of it. Everything is what it is, and if the company wants to make shoes, they can. Kurt is a one of a kind guy, so why shouldn’t he be remembered by a pair of shoes?


  9. I agree with 226, Dottie. You can’t assume something, especially what someone would have approved or would not have approved. Honestly, I know I wouldn’t like other people making my decisions… so shouldn’t we just stop this crap and remember him for the great person he was and not ‘shoes’ ?

  10. I love the shoes. But its kinda Weard that people put a “memory on their feet”. But i really wanna know where i can get em!!!
    and lots of u others says thath he would hate this becouse he just wanned to play the music, But what he did was to put something speacial in our hearts, The music called rock. And rock issnt just a thing you can hear but also a thing you can feel…

  11. kurt is not just a legend he’s a rock god……………but printing the stuff from the diary is not a good idea…….but still its kurt’s edition n we should respect that……….after all it was kurt who made converse so special amongst the rockers !!!

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