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    Frances I don’t know whether you are aware of this, but your dad is spending a lot more time around you now. He isn’t here at the moment. He’s with you, backwards and forwards between the both of us. I hope that you can feel his presence. It’s good for me too, because I can get to do lots of other stuff. Bask in your dad’s love, he’s really there for you x

  2. Layla…

    You didn’t mention the rome incident. The
    medical reports said that kurt’system didn’t contain any trace of heroin, only rohypnol.

    the incident/the murder attempt happened in March 3rd…this means that 3 weeks prior to his death Kurt was clean of heroin. he couldn’t handle a fatal dose… I don’t believe you when you say his habit was heavy…

    i’m sorry, but my 6th sens tells me you’re not a psychic! (i still have respect for you).. and come on, a romantic liason with a dead man?

  3. Okay everybody, you are entitled to your opinions! I know it sounds mad, I understand your disbelief and that’s fine. I don’t really care if you believe me or not, I have simply put information on this website for people who may be interested. Nitchka, how can you have respect for somebody who you believe is a fake/nutcase. Doesn’t resonate. Rome? Work it out for yourselves. Heroin has a very short half life. John and Jimi are telling me to stop using this website. It’s a waste of energy because some people are so grounded in theory and the material world that they would never begin to understand our world. To those who have responded positively to my comments, I hope that I’ve helped. To those who think I’m a charlaton – fine, that’s okay too, but your insight is flawed by “facts” that you have studied. Tom Grant believes me

  4. “How can you have respect for somebody who you believe is a fake?” Simply because you never know who is behind the computer. Maybe you’re just a 15 year old girl who dreams of Kurt every night. And it’s important to let everyone express their opinions (although some of them don’t make sense). I could also be
    too understanding and nice!

    Heroin can be detected after 2 days… Tony Barber said Kurt wasn’t taking drugs in the last Nirvana tour. his “best friend” Dylan said his addiction was highly exaggerated. Krist already said that he never saW kURT injecting himself heroin…. I could continue, but those people – who knew Kurt- said he wasn’t that messed up on drugs…

    What’s wrong with being grounded with theories and material world???? Why would Jimi and John spend their eternity with you??? Don’t tell us that you met them in your past lives….

    Not because Tom Grant (or anyone else) doesn’t discredit your claims right in front of you that he believes you…I do think that spirits, psychics and God exist, but you are pushing too far. If you truly believe in what you say, you should either see a good psychiatrist or priest/imam/rabbi/shaman.

  5. Okay,good for you, you can read and write and spout data, but if you mention Organised Religion, you must be crazy. There is not one Organised Religion that does not have either very dangerous and corrupt practices. No periods in synagogue, paedaphillia in the Priesthood, female circumcision in lots. Belief controlled and perpetuated by man. Dont you have your own code of ethics? We intrinsically know what’s right and what’s wrong if we are sane. One of my best friends is a Consultant Psychiatrist. He’s witnessed stuff going on in my flat and knows it to be true. I am claire audient, claire sentient and claire voyuant – yes I know I spelt it wrong – on purpose. (lotta claire’s there). I am also a Master Reiki Healer and work with spirit guides. For all this I charge nothing. Meanwhile you pay for the media machine that churns out rubbish. Ideologically unsound and kinda sad. I also have a full time job in animal welfare. Congratulations! You have an MA (no honours) on the studies of Kurt Cobain data as read and consumed,but not experienced. Bet you’ll go onto the Courtney website now. Get active, do something creative yourself, put your contribution into society. God? Who is your God? The God of Arrogance and Blinkerhood? You are so sure that these “facts” are the truth, maybe the God of Gullibility. I will not answer any of your essays. I have decided to cease using this website. There are a large number of obsessives with little creativity (not all of you) Live a useful and creative life. Have you ever been in a band? I have. Have you ever written a published book of poetry? I have. Have you any ideas of your own? Don’t think so. Learn to play an instrument, ride horses, paint, breathe, but please drop the bigotry. You have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about, you merely spout other peoples’ theories and “facts”. Travel. To Outer Mongolia. Yeh and I know i’ll get flack for not being part of organised religion. I know I’ll get political correctness thrown at me. Especially from the mid-west. We move in different worlds, but my world has integrity, humanity, truth and loads of fun. Do you know fun? It’s called having a sense of humour, mucking about and enjoying your life. Get off my case and pack your own. Goodbye everybody, those who believe and those who don’t. I won’t be using this website anymore, it appears to be irrelevant and I’m busy living and being true to myself.

  6. Rite on Layla, I’m quitting this gig too.Wankers Anonymous. I play base guitar, what do you play? You won’t ansa rite? Sham-an Nietcheska or whatever it calls itself. Wearying isn’t it? I’m rite behind you. Hope you read my comment. Don’t lose your mojo girl. I get you totally. “Speaking words of Wisdom Let it Be”

  7. ok i will probably go to jail for this but i plan on getting inside of kurts house one of these days,i hope that isnt offensive to any of you,but i mean come on,dont any of you want to get inside?i am going to try to get over the wall in front of his house and try to find a way in, and hell if the only way in is to break a window or bust down a door risking getting arrested by the cops,so be it.

  8. Are any of you “Courtney killed Kurt”-idiots aware of that all three of Leland Cobains brothers killed themselves? And that Kurt always said that he would never make it past thirty? Also, no matter what you say, he was pretty messed up on drugs. It’s a fact.

    Blaming Courtney for Kurts death is just childish. She may be one of the reasons he killed himself, but i don’t even think thats true. And she most certainly didn’t kill him. You just have to comprehend that your hero in fact took his own life, don’t blame his wife. It was something he knew he was going to do even when he was a teenager. I love Kurt Cobain too, but please don’t blame Courtney. Like I said, it’s just childish and unnecessary.

  9. Why the fuck do I bother to go on this wesite and read all the shite.I agree with Chutzpah v Hail Mary. Most people using this website are a bunch of tossers. Martine you sanctimoniuous cretin, get the fuck off. Your comment really pissed me off.What the fuck do you know about anything? Get back to Sunday School with your book on “How to make friends and influence people. Your so twee it’s vomit making – excuse me I’m about to hurl. You smug twat. Bugger off. Hi Layla, alright? I get you too. Sorry you’re not using the site anymore, but I sooooo understand why. Yeh I believe you, your’re a woman of the world, I can tell. ” I’m off on a plane, I can explain”. Not very bright most of you. Sebastian, good on ya. At least you’re an activist. Hope you’re not bullshitting, go for it guy. Have a poke about. Hey why don’t we all squat the gaff??

  10. I’m a heavy heroin user. Nitcka, heroin cannot be detected for two days after use.Where do you get your facts from? Heroin is undetectable after 18 hours or less depending on the user’s metabolism. I know because I was clean for years and was a drugs councillor for that duration. Sad to say I’m back on the brown. Also the heavier the use, the less time it stays in the system.The metabolism has a large part to play.We are all different. It’s like comparing the metabolic rate/life span of two species of man. One could be a an overweight slob that hardly moved all day, another a hyperactive skinny dude who can’t sit still. Obviously the skinny dude would have a very fast metabolic rate. Apart from which, how do you know Kurt’s usage wasn’t hushed up. Everything else was. That’s why this goddamn website is in existance.

  11. This poem is to Kurt
    The Legacy That Lives
    Written By Jeannette B.

    You weren’t supposed to go,
    As you see the waters flow,
    Feeling the gentle wind that blows,
    As your songs filled our hearts,
    Though your death torn us apart,
    It’s not fair what happened to you,
    It has made us all so blue,

    They got hearts of stone,
    The ones that took you down,
    As your soul walks and roams,
    We have to turn this around,

    We shall continue and fight,
    For certain ones are filled with lies,
    And we know what is right,
    As you can see the bullshit in their eyes,

    The tears that sream down our face,
    For we lost a special friend,
    And now you’re gone without a trace,
    And you shall remain in our hearts till the end,

    We keep you alive forever-more,
    SHowing support and playing your songs,
    Though our hearts are torn,
    We fight and keep strong,

    He shall live for eternity, Kurt Cobain,
    For we are your friends,
    And though our eyes have tears of blood stained,
    We are here to the end,

    Kurt Cobain is a living legacy,
    Forever as he shall be.

  12. This other poem I wrote is about someone else, who I think you can figure out.

    The Pain That You Caused
    Written By Jeannette B.

    You think you have many fooled,
    But we know what you stoled,
    And though I won’t say certain names,
    We already know who is to blame,

    Well you got what you seeked,
    You became a star,
    But your heart is not meek,
    And you haven’t come that far,

    You caused him so much pain,
    And you didn’t care about how much,
    All he wanted was a loving touch,
    Not be in a blood of stain,

    He meant nothing to you,
    And of what I see which is only so true,
    You walked all over him,
    And his inner light became so dim,

    You only care about your own needs,
    And you always want to be in the lead,
    The one that is always in control,
    But his life is what you stole,

    I will never listen to your songs,
    For your music I do not belong,
    I hope someday the truth will come out,
    As you sing, with your screams and shouts,

    Remember Creator sees all,
    Someday you shall fall,
    For of what you’ve done,
    And the world will be in stun,

    You like to abuse,
    To which you find it with amuse,
    To me you are sadistic,
    You tend to go ballistic,

    You claim to be a bitch,
    You are an evil snitch,
    A leech is what you are,
    Use who you can to become a star,

    Walk over all you can,
    So that you can make it big with your band,
    Draining the very life of who you claim to love,
    Like a vampire who knows nothing of the doves,

    Your heart is full of greed and lust,
    And full of rust,
    You dont know how to care,
    And you dont know how to share,

    You think you’re always right,
    But you are wrong in so many ways,
    I can see through the night,
    You just wanted him to obey,

    Like others, I can see through you,
    I can see your vicious heart so true,
    I can feel his pain,
    His very own soul is stained,

    I can see the pain within his eyes,
    They do not lie,
    He can’t talk,
    All he can do is in the shadows is walk,

    He wanted to get away,
    He didnt want to stay,
    But no you wanted it all,
    And through his death,
    His very own last breath,
    You helped him fall,

    You took him away from his little girl,
    Who gave him such a whirl,
    Brought him so much happiness,
    And you wonder why you get dissed?

    We can no longer hear his beautiful songs,
    We’d all hoped he would become strong,
    Not go in the way that he did,
    But hell you even auctioned his items up for bid,

    He awaits to be free,
    So many don’t know and cant see,
    I do my best to help him heal,
    So his energy you can’t steal,

    I’ll do my best to protect him,
    So his light won’t go dim,
    So you can’t hurt him anymore,
    No more tears will pore,

    I am a Seer, Spiritwalker, Spirithealer,
    Souls that are lost,
    I find and seek,
    No more will his light leak,
    He is under the protection of Creator,
    The one Above,
    Feeling His love,
    He will find peace and light,
    All through the night,

    For eternity,
    As it shall be,
    May the angels watch over him day and night,
    Keeping him safe with their divine light.

  13. This is for Martine and the ‘invaluable insight’ she has shown re: Kurt saying that he wouldn’t make 30. When I was in my teens/twenties, my friends and I all said that we wouldn’t see 30. We thought it was cool to say that, meaning that our lifestyles were so hedonistic, so therefore we were very cool and not in the shiny ass suit brigade. It’s a very oft used expression. “I won’t live to be 30”. It means “I am into an alternative lifestyle that you just wouldn’t understand, I experiment with drugs, I get drunk, I have had experimental sex with both genders, I do stuff that would horrify my parents”. It’s been going on for as far back as my greatgrandmother knows. My father was a Teddy Boy and used to hang out in “sleazy” jazz clubs smoking “reefers”. He thought he was really cool.All of my friends said they wouldn’t make it to thirty. They’re all still here. The one’s that fell by the wayside were the one’s that didn’t get “teenage kicks” and went on to become boxed in by the establishment that young people from all generations kick out against, the ones that played by the rules, didn’t express themselves as being apart from the mainstream (which is perfectly natural in the young) They were the ones that became heavy drinkers after a hard day at the office, suffered from alcoholism. The crew I hung out with are all still here. It’s something that young people say to prove how outrageous their lifestyle is, not wanting to be labelled as straight. The suicides in the Cobain family ; okay I concede that there may be a genetic predisposition to depression,we have it in our family, but I suspect the lack of an interesting life, living in a culturally barren area, being poor, maybe no job or a soul destroying job with no outlet for creativity, more than parallels the genetic argument and therefore hugely exacerbates the (? genetic factor ? ). Kurt broke the inertia and was highly creative. You don’t get yourself out of a rut in Aberdeen if you don’t have drive. Yeah, he had mental health issues but an amazing appetite for his craft, making music. Having known the man very well, I can say that he had a lot of laughs and a helluva lot of fun as well as the bad bits. Kurt did not commit suicide. I know this to be true

  14. When “Layla” is speaking as herself, she uses vocabulary (“bloody”, “mucking about”, etc.) and spellings (“b’cos”, “organised”, etc.) that are clearly British, leading me to believe that this is her nationality. However, when she is speaking as “Kurt”, she uses phrases and spellings that are also distinctly British (“liggers”, “popularisation”, and so on).

    Kurt was American. He used American slang and American spellings during his lifetime. Unless he has somehow picked up British slang and orthography in the afterlife (did he learn it from John Lennon’s spirit, I wonder?), I find it highly unlikely that his ghost would send messages from beyond the grave that are riddled with Britishisms. Also, anyone who has ever read his journals or other writings would realize that he would never, ever, ever in a million years refer to anyone, let alone his daughter, as “tweenyweenybopper”. I call shenanigans.

  15. To anyone who said they think he killed himself. They proved He didn’t because there was no shotgun residue on his hands or feet. And he couldn’t of used his tounge it was a ducking shotgun. They just couldn’t blame anyone because your innocent till proven guilty and courtney had too many people lying for her. I’m 14 and know this! He died before I was alive!!

  16. To Cecily.When you say that Layla is British – so what? What’s the big deal? Don’t British people have the right to free speech? She uses British slang; no such thing. There are huge differences in slang in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, and nobdy considers themselves to be British. They are Welsh, English, Scottish or Northern Irish. As an Irish medium. I have no problems in endorsing Layla’s truth. Spirits share the same space as we do, but on another level. Kurt Cobain has been living with her for a long while and he will have picked up “British Slang”. John Lennon, is extremely sociable, I’ve met him in spirit too. He told me that “yes, he does live at Layla’s, but flits around to do what he has to do”. He said to me that Layla’s light shone so strongly and he has been with her since 1980. John says that he is good friends with Kurt. Hasn’t it crossed your mind that Kurt could have picked up the slang from John, from Layla.If you live with someone you pick up their idiosyncracies, there mannerisms and their speech pattern. John confirms everything she has said as the truth. I’d leave her alone. She loves “the crack”, she is generous, kind and very musical and artistic, as opposed to mean spirited, troubled and bland. I don’t blame her for dumping this site.Shame on you

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