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  1. well it must mean something about independence day coz it mentions the 4th of july. but i love this song! and i love kurt! It’s a Meat Puppet song by the way. RIP Kurt! I LOVE YOU!!

  2. its a heaps harder song to play than man who sold the world but nobody even
    new who the meat pupets where until
    nirvana played em
    even dinersaw jr,the fits of depreshion,or shanon knife they helped promote as well

  3. they helped more bands then they helped
    them selves
    L7 where great friends with kurt
    cortney all of them i think
    i love the smash there stuff to end
    the show or they even smashed the support
    bands stuff as they where getting on stage.

  4. Kurt Cobain is an inspiration. His voice is so unique and wonderful. I can honestly say that learning about him and his band Nirvana have changed my outlook on life. R.I.P Kurt. You’ll never be forgotten.

  5. lake of fire was not kurt cobains song he sang it on MTV, it was originally sang by meat puppets in 1983! but i love all of the songs the actually sang!

  6. Love this song and this performance!! Nirvana was such an inspirational band to soooo many. He definitely was gone before his time. I named my daughter after Courtney love. I loved thevstuff he did for her on the Hole album

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