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  1. Dear people I have an idea regarding an exposition about Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) in a museum here in the Netherlands! I saw the documentary made by Brett Morgen (montage off heck) and I was impressed, the idea is to make a exposition by following the documentary, I already contact mister Morgen but he directed me to you!
    The idea is to use Original material (film / drawings / interviews etcetc..) what is showed in the documentary.
    My question to you is or you are interested to help me by realizing these exposition?
    I suppose it can be a sucsesful exposition and it’s a way to reach the young people from now so they can see and experience these powerful and great music and person(s). It’s a ode to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana and I suppose that the museum is a perfect place for it!

    Hopefully you can / want to support this idea?

    With kind regards,

    Bob v Brunschot / Netherlands

    If you want more information I like to hear it?

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