Kurt Cobain Converse Collection

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Kurt Cobain ConverseConverse has given Kurt Cobain his own signature collection of shoes. Now available and shipping worldwide at Converse.com, Converse is currently producing a limited-edition series of Kurt Cobain footwear as part of the company’s 100th anniversary sales campaign, dubbed “Welcome to the Converse Century.” Each shoe is littered with drawings and writings that were published in 2002’s Kurt Cobain Journals. Several new models of Kurt Cobain shoes are coming with the Converse One Star model and a series of high-top Chucks already confirmed, according to NirvanaClub.com.

Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes provide a rarely seen glimpse into the head of this musical and lyrical genius with sketches that display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as Come As You Are.

To further pay tribute to the late singer, three of the Converse shoes that Cobain was often seen wearing will be reflected in the new collection which includes versions of Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes. To make the collection even more unique, they’ll have wear and fray detailing and Kurt Cobain’s signature subtly embroidered on the shoe’s outer.The shoes will be made available in black and white versions and should retail for around $50 – $65. The product line comes with the full cooperation of Courtney Love and the Estate of Kurt Cobain. Converse will release the full details of the shoes in April. Kurt Cobain Converse Collection One Star

Buy Kurt Cobain All Star Converse at Converse.com


Buy Kurt Cobain All Star Converse at Converse.com


Buy Kurt Cobain Jack Purcell Converse at Converse.com


Buy Kurt Cobain One Star Converse at Converse.com


Browse Kurt Cobain Converse at Converse.com

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347 Responses to “Kurt Cobain Converse Collection”

  1. grunge girl Says:

    I HATE IT!! His personal life shouldn’t be tampered with like this!!

  2. annie Says:

    omg omg omg give me ! i want them, i looooooooooooooooove them, gimme gimme

  3. Mika Says:

    eu queeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrroooooooooo *-*


  4. monkey Says:

    i think they’re awesome, and a strange but amazing way to honor his memory, i’m glad they didn’t take it too far and put anything inappropraite regarding his personal life.

  5. austin Says:

    omgg i wantt somee

  6. wes montgomery Says:

    if you buy them you agree with courtney

  7. Amanda... Says:

    Just because it says Courtney Love.. doesn’t mean a lot. Think of how Kurt woulda liked this.
    And, it says the drawings and stuff were published in books already, so that doesn’t really matter.

  8. Hale Says:

    an interesting way to honor Kurt…..I don’t think he would have liked that….but cool, i guess

  9. tukann Says:

    man this shit is wack, for a man who valued the privacy of his personal writings so much and for converse to fuckin publish his thoughts on peoples feet is fucken degrading and shows a complete lack of respect for the man that he was.

  10. Imká Says:

    Monkey, I totally agree with you, I’m totally going to buy one of these
    xx I

  11. girlie Says:

    I think it’s an awesome idea, but I think ya should respect his privicy i little more, and just put song lyrics instead of stuff from his journals. Putting his name is a great idea!!!


  12. Wolfman666 Says:

    It’s kind of neat but I agree with grunge girl

  13. michelle Says:

    this is horrible…

  14. jane Says:

    how can i had one of them ?
    please, answer me ! *

  15. seeyahoney Says:

    will I be able to buy those in Austria too?
    does anybody here know Austria lol?

  16. grungejake Says:

    I can see the ones featuring his journals being a problem, but if thats the only reason you dont want them, then dont buy that peticular type. Buy the black featuring the song lyrics.
    Those ones are pretty cool. I know for a fact that they have “Dumb” on there, and according to this site, “Come As You Are”. So in general, theyve got some meaningful lines on that shoe.

  17. Sarah Says:

    If you read the journals, the first page says:
    “Don’t read my diary when I’m gone”
    “OK, Im going to work now, when you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things, and figure me out.”

    Regardless of whether it was sarcasm or not, the books have been published and people have read them. I think he’d want people to know what happened and what sort of enigma was in his mind. I personally have read the books and they make you think and wonder and realize things that you might not have before. I love these shoes and will be getting myself a pair ASAP. =]

  18. Dr. Cornwalice Says:

    YAY!!! Further icentive to buy shotguns, enough to go round now!!! with this, the icon is truly gone, and no for some of you assholes who have forgotten what this site was truly made for, kurt would not have liked this. To those teenyboppers out there, fuck you x x

  19. Just a girl Says:

    Though it’s kinda tempting cuz I love Converse and they truly look good…for Kurt’s sake, take a fucking pen or marker and write your favourite lyrics on them yourself!!!!!
    Now if the money was going to some kind of association for musicians or something I may be considering this or if Krist and Dave were supporting this, but this way…nah!
    I don’t think Kurt would be impressed!

  20. orlando Says:


    i love this stuff..

  21. sick Says:

    he hated having people be obsessed with him and now their going to make these shoes? its not right.

  22. james Says:

    ok like some people are saying the writing is bad its not they sell copys of his journals at any book store and he was fine with it he wanted people to know bout him

  23. cocain gent Says:

    i love these shoes

  24. Brittany Says:

    i think they’re amazing shoes.
    eh, chances are im buying them.
    i think in a way i guess it’s a bit harsh to his memory.
    but it is a unique way to honor him in a sense too.
    its kind of a two sided situation.

  25. brittini Says:

    as much as i want all of these, the only way i would buy any of them is if Krist or Dave were putting these out in his memory and they gave half of the money to Frances and the other half to Tom Grant.

  26. grunge guy Says:

    i agree with grunge girl but yet i would love a pair of them but his fame shouldnt be thown around like this

  27. bleach Says:

    Kurt is my god!!!

  28. der spitzmaus meister Says:

    jesus guys, mixed messages on this one, i think its cool and a good way to honor him, though if i get them i prolly wouldnt want to get the ones with his journals on them, but the lyrics ones i would, i mean if you dont like it dont post about it.

  29. Kurt Daniels Says:

    he’s a big man,and he found his stairway to heaven…

  30. grungeisdead Says:

    im not real sure i like them..and to tell u the truth…why would he like them..he wouldnt want u to copy him he woudl want u to be original…

  31. nevermind Says:

    i think he woudld hate them…so..i will tell the truth me im pretty much obsesed with all this kinda of stuff about kurt but i would never go as far as to buy these shoes

  32. incesticide Says:

    i would have liked it, but i knew kurt wouldn’t have liked the idea so i’ll pay respect.

    i would have still bought it if dave and krist were part of producing it, but i wouldn’t like to do a favor for cour
    tney love.

  33. zee Says:


  34. zee Says:


  35. Nucky Duck Says:

    Kurt didn’t want people to worship him, every one obviously knows that. But people still did, People always will. I think if you truly respect Kurt you won’t buy these, (Concidering most of you never personaly knew him, you should think wisely about what you say) but if you love him as a musical mastermind (in the beginning that’s all he loved himself as) then of course you’d want to know what made him write his famious lyrics. Shoes it a little degrading I admit… but in the world today money is money… and even that is loosing it’s value.

  36. wan Says:

    keep music evil…!!
    the return or king GRUNGE>>!

  37. brandon wilson Says:

    if cobain were here things would be different

  38. The Guide: Los Angeles Times Says:

    […] of the greatest punk bands around. Of course you could also wait until May, when Converse drops its Kurt Cobain collection. But we hear people are already snickering at that marketing ploy. And you’re on your own if […]

  39. elizabeth v. Says:

    i like it..but i don’t lets stick to putting the funny things he wrote not personal..other than that perfect way to honor him<3

  40. !! Says:

    Yeah i wanna BUY THEM!!!!!! PLZ SOMEONE!!! GIVE THEM FOR ME!!!

  41. kquqsp Says:

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  42. cece~ Says:

    I love Kurt Cobain, he is my role model. I would wear these shoes every single day of my life until i die! Though, I agree with grunge girl on this.

  43. RageTectonic Says:

    Yo these are tight like really sexy shoes, but thats not cool messing with his ish.
    I would cop em but they are using his fame to get money, and like sick say he didnt want people obsessing over him.
    Im torn.

  44. tbee Says:

    great shoes! i think it’s great way of celebrating a genius! kurt liked his designer clothing too!

  45. brandon wilson Says:

    love cobain

  46. stimpy Says:

    i like them.i know for a fact kurt would not give four flying fucks.

  47. Danielle Says:

    omg I NEED TO HAVE THESE!!!! i love Kurt and what a way to remeber him by!!!!

  48. cyput Says:

    mau donk spatunya………..

  49. samantha Says:

    well first of all, courtney already invaded his privacy by publishing a book..so what does it matter,we have all seen this before?
    these shoes are a great way for everyone to have their own piece of kurt.

  50. bullshit Says:

    bulllshit don’t buy dis one..if kurt was alive now he wouldn’t want he’s journal to be written on a converse shoe.
    kurt didn’t like fame .
    courtney love used kurt’s journals in order to make money.
    it even said in kurt’s journal “do not read this when i’m gone”
    they invaded kurt’s privacy.
    by the way why would we buy these shoes if courtney love would be the who’ll take benefit of it.
    remember even kurt wanted to divorce courtney love 3 days before he died.

  51. Sparkle Says:

    If you love him, you can do it youeself just like what Kurt did. The graffiti of Kurt’s shoes were all draw by himself.
    I’m a Chinese guy, I do not know whether these will sell in China. If they did, I will buy them. If not, I will draw it myself!

  52. Tiffany Says:

    I love Kurt cobain he is the greatest and still is the greatest and i would wear theses shoed with pride because they show that jurt cobain lives on and he does in me and in every single one of his fans
    Kurt = missed alot by me!!

  53. Tiffany Says:

    I love Kurt cobain he is the greatest and still is the greatest and i would wear these shoes with pride because they show that Kurt cobain lives on and he does in me and in every single one of his fans
    Kurt = missed alot by me!!
    I messed up on the other one

  54. Tiffany Says:

    The only reason i would wear these shoes is for Kurt v=but if i bought then=m every time i put them on i would think how much money that fxckin skank courtney love is making! i hate her But i love Kurt Donald Cobain forever!!
    Feb 20 1967- April 5 1994

  55. REBECCA Says:


  56. kurt cobain Says:

    […] be ReleasedConverse are set to release a very special signature collection of kurt cobain converse.http://kurtcobain.com/news/kurt-cobain-converse-collection/Kurt CobainThe son of a mechanic and a waitress, kurt cobain grew up facing the same deprivations as […]

  57. Tonje Says:

    I totally agree with “zee”, and the rest of you guys who really hate this “idea” !
    And everyone else should too!!

  58. casanova Says:

    . . .i love grunge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    . . .long live grunge!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. diogo Says:

    kurt cobain…4ever..e gostava de ter essas all star embora tenho umas pareciada

  60. Gabe Says:

    What a fuck!!!!, truly fans would never buy this shit, if Kurt could see this he would die again for sure, in fact he would commit suicide for real!!!
    He was the most anti mainstream person, this is not about honor him, it’s just about make money with his death!!!!Courtney is searching every possible way to exploit his image, to get money from him even death….Bitch!!!!!!!!!. For Sure Krist hat this

  61. clista Says:

    my best friend loves u kurt cobain wether ure in heaven or not!!!!!! she would die 2 have u back she loves u and would appreciate if u was here 2 see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!alyssa loves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Jack walter Says:

    I really really want these shoes

  63. xxgrungiexx Says:

    i think that tha converse are pretty sweet!! i mean sure it might over expose his personal life but i think ppl have some right to know..

  64. girlyyetgrunge Says:

    omg I LOVE THESE SHOES!!! especially the white high tops… i am definetly getting them. but where? i have tried to figure out where but i cant… does anyone know where to get it? :]]

  65. tbee Says:

    anybody know when we can we get these shoes?

  66. Rae Says:

    This is horrble and I am sure CL is just making royalties off of her deceased husband! Please people have respect for this beautiful artist. CL Sucks and she knows what she did!!!

  67. Rae Says:

    I meant HORRIBLE!!!

  68. again01 Says:

    zee is right there are lots of ways to honor him forget it im not buying those shoes courtney sucks!!!!!

  69. jamie t Says:

    for one thing its fucked up how there comming out with sum kurt cobain one stars cause they were the shoes he was found dead in fuck converse for that shit. first it was action figures now this? goddam courtney would do anything for money that slutty bitch

  70. Tory Says:

    I was recently given a pair of the white Converse and in no way do they show anything extremely “personal.” Even though some of it might have come from his journals, most of what is actually on the shoes are drawings and/or lyrics from various albums and songs that were obviously seen before his death.
    Also, there are three styles of shoes that I have seen, which do not include any shown in the article… First, the shoes with his writing/drawings on them are actually low-tops and are a little different than in the pictures above. There’s worn out/distressed black hi-tops with his signature on the side and the third style are black hi-tops with the lyrics to “Lithium” on the side.

  71. kurt cobain drawings Says:

    […] […]

  72. nomi Says:

    this is the next variation of looking to the dead of kurt cobain, it is not a bad way but not my way of honouring him. it’s just that i’ll never buy those shoes basta!

  73. misterbails Says:

    ok people, its plain and simple. if you like the shoes, get them. if you dont, dont buy them. If anything blame courtney for selling kurt out. Its not converses fault. last but not least, if you are a true fan and honor nirvana’s music, why not buy them. You people really need to grow up. most of you that disagree and say its wrong to put these shoes out, how the hell do you know if kurt would want these shoes out or not? you are not him and you dont now him so shut the hell up

  74. stalligator Says:

    i think this is a great way to honor kurt cobain. yes i am disapointed that courtney love will probably get a lot of money for it and its not right (cause she pretty much killed him). but im still buying them cause i think kurt would’ve liked it and all u people saying that we dont even know him. well neither did u! unless i am mistakin and u wanna say ur name and proove that u know him

  75. kiki Says:

    WOW!! Everyone needs to chill!! I personally believe that the shoes are cool!and yes kurt wouldn’t have wanted it lke this so if thats wat u think then don’t buy them. instead MAKE YOUR OWN!!! like all the other ppl said,cause that is wat i’m gonna do!

  76. Korey Says:

    Well Courtney really sold him out this time! But I guess it is expensive taking care of a kid and a drug habit!

  77. Sappy Says:

    First off,I know this has been said over and over again, but,The man was all about privacy and he did’nt really enjoy the fame,I mean Courtney Love already runied that buy publishing his personal journals.Just because he wore chucks dosent mean they have to fucking put his writing on it,If your a true fan you can do it yourself,now we’er going to see fakes wear these when they know shit about Kurt Cobain.Really if he was alive to see this,he would never wear them again,infact he’d probally lose all respect.Fuck Courtney Love.

  78. Justin Says:

    I just wish things could stop. The marketing and the greed has far surpassed anything at this point. Lets really choke this to shit. Its bad enough that music sucks now, and to harp on something that the world will never be is truly depressing.



  80. KMB Says:

    Just another way for Courtney to cash in on his death. She sickens me! She probably sold his ashes too!

  81. bleachislove Says:

    I agree with a lot of skeptics that perhaps Kurt would not have wanted the media and the corporate machine abusing his fame and extrordinary brilliance to make a buck, but I have to admit it probably won’t stop me from getting my hands on a pair of the Jack Purcell’s. The fact of the matter is that no matter what anyone else thinks, I want mine for the simple reason that Kurt Cobain is my biggest hero and inspiration, and just being able to walk around on something all day that reminds me of that sounds great in my books. I think that’s kinda what the point of the tribute shoes was, and people are maybe looking a litte too deep into the product. Someone just wanted to make something in his memory, not necessarily “rape” him, if you know what I mean. I’m sure whoever came up with the idea had good intentions, and I’d love to know where I can get a pair.

    RIP KC <3

  82. Rage N Bloom Says:

    OK well we dont really know what Kurt woulda felt about this, but the sad truth is he is gone, we want to remember him (like its hard) and the shoes are friggin awesome, i like the black ones personally i will so be gettin a pair

  83. An Obsessed Kurt fan Says:

    You know me personally.
    Yeah kurt hated selling and being famous;; but thet fact that he did keep a journal and tat he wrote many said that he did want to be rememberd when was gone. he wanted people to figure him out just like it says on the very first page. And his journals say a lot about him. I’m sure people still have no idea what he was talking about;; but to jus have a part of him takes you one step closer. When I found out about the journal i wnated it right away because i want to know everything about him. But even without his journals we had his music and his lyrics and those alone came from his mind and his heart. So these people are saying “oh the shoes shouldn’t have his journals” why not the books are already published for everyone to read. “kurt wouldnt like it” no he wouldn’t because those were his ideas, and people are now jst trying to follow him and be him. “oh its just another money maker.” yeah it is but so are the Cd’s so are the videos so is his music. even if people don’t want to say it. Nirvana was a money maker one way or another. Just by seelling this shoe isn’t makeing them ell out. They sold out when they became famous;; but no one thinks about that.
    Me personally i’m glad they became famous;; and i’m glad he sold out;; because nirvana is a big part of my life;; kurt is a big part of my life. So i have more thing to say….

    p.s. Chris if you see this you must be laughing right?


  84. tbee Says:

    kurt’s daughter will inherit the lot later, so what does it matter. it’s a small tribute to a real genuis! kurt forever!

  85. Juliana Says:

    I love those one star! their awesome! I want one of those! Does anyone knows where can I find them?! Their so cool, oh god !

  86. Lillian Says:

    its not right, he was a private man and this is not what he stood for. I am sorry to see this happen

  87. Helela Says:

    Okay they do look pretty damn cool and all but Kurt wouldn’t have wanted this at all. I mean first the Journals now this, I’m not gonna be to suprised if I start seeing his old clothes on ebay

  88. Mortified Says:

    This is disrespectful. Kurt is no longer a human being, but a corporate icon. This is what drove a shotgun into his mouth in the first place.

    If you buy these shoes, you are pissing on his grave.

    Long live the music.

    Buy converse knock offs and write on them yourself.

  89. Manon Says:

    i don’t understand why some of you don’t like the shoes, only because courtney worked with converes to make this
    i think its an good way to do this
    but hey i understand if you dont like it
    but if thats because of courtney…
    then your pefetic
    and i know he didnt want to be worshiped but i think you shouldnt wear t-shirts of him or bought the book journals

  90. SaxPlayinSquid Says:

    i would never buy them!
    its sorta an invasion of privacy…how would you guys like it if someone got your journals and put stuff from them on shoes. they should just stick to song lyrics.
    the black ones on the other hand…i suppose there would be a slim chance i would buy them…VERY slim though!

  91. julio kobain Says:

    ey!!! wow my god i love them guys they were the best of the best
    and i have the konverse somebsdy knows how many kinds of kurt cobains convers are for sale? thanks viva kurt!!

    fuking kourney muerete!!

  92. KDC r.i.p. Says:

    hey grunge girl this isn’t tampering with his personal life. The information on the shoes was from his personal journals but they were published in a book called of course “The Kurt Cobain Journals.” I recognize everything on those shoes since i’ve read the journals. Nothing here is tampering with anything so shut up

  93. KDC r.i.p. Says:

    Also to everyone else that keeps saying these are horrible, he wouldn’t want this he was anti-mainstream. Shut the fuck up jeez think about this. If more and more ppl are becoming non mainstream then it is mainstream cuz everyones doin it. So if doin this is mainstream its not in a sense. I may only be 16 but i know what i’m talking about.

  94. grunge4life Says:

    omg,the first time i saw these i thought what a great way to honor him,but i wouldnt like it if someone was showing the whole world my personal stuff.
    but im buying the ones with the lyrics on em 😀
    long like kurt and nirvana!!!!
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. KDC r.i.p. Says:

    This one goes to bullshit. I dont know if you noticed but if you really read the journals then you’d know that on the page that it says “Dont read my diary when i’m gone” right below it says “OK, I’m goin to work now. When you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things and figure me out.” so he did want people to read his journals. HA!

  96. James Says:

    i rlly rlly want them but where the fuck can i buy a pair???
    i want tha pair with his signature on em near the back n only his signature the black 1s

    any1 got any ideas where i can buy sum??

  97. Manda Says:

    This is NOT COOl, NOT AT ALL. Selling your dead husband’s personal writing and thoughts down the river for some fast cash is just about one of the worst things a person could do. Every indication out there suggests that Kurt would be just as sickened by this as any true Nirvana fan is or would ever be!!!!!!!!!!!! People are going to adorn the thoughts of this amazing artist on their feet! His words are literally going to be dragged through fucking mud (as well as other things). Honestly, I cannot think of a bigger slap in the face of a deceased person, especially one so dedicated to writing journals.

  98. grungeforlife Says:

    i have the black hi-tops wih the lyrics….they have come as you are, lithium, heart shaped box, nd one other song…i forgot which one. they’re pretty neat check ’em out at your local journeys or shoe store

  99. Chris M Says:

    Wow, it shows just how much new fans of Nirvana dont “get it”. Cashing in on his legacy is the exact opposite of what Nirvana stood for. Kurt would hate this.

    But since I guess te most of you are 15 year old girls who grew up on Spice Girls and think the mass commercialization of music is perfectly normal and acceptable, you wouldn’t have a clue why anyone would scorn this.

    Millenial kids, your generation is worthless and depressing.

  100. ju Says:

    no puedo crerer q la gente piense q converse quiere honrar a kurt…por favor!!! lo unico que les interesa es vender!!!! es una empresa que quiere marketing, plata. la verdad son muy inteligentes, (que descubrimiento no??). miren el debate que arman. ya lograron lo que querian, el impacto. la gente discute, y ellos tienen mas publicidad. “gracias kurt!” ffffff. es increible como lo siguen usando.

    “Maybe if I put a bullet in my brain
    They’d remember me like Kurt Cobain
    And the parasites on MTV
    Would wipe their eyes and act like they knew me”

    “I mourn for Kurt. A once beautiful, then pathetic, lost and heroically stupid boy”

    “he was a genius”

    “Mi memoria existe, mi recuerdo vivirá siempre y mi música en la gloria será la salvación del maldito infierno donde habitamos.” (kurt)

  101. gabriela Says:


  102. Posthuma Says:

    Kurt Cobain just rolled in his grave… This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. If you buy these shoes you are truly no fan of Kurt and you mock the ideals of grunge.

  103. abcuethesun Says:

    this is absolute shit!!!!!!!!! if you buy these sneakers you’re supporting a money sucking leech aka courtney love!! kurt cobain would’nt appreciate this at all if you think about it. the people who buy this shit just want to look cool and say look i have kurt cobains personal shit on my converse!@#$%@…….its not cool at all we do need a personal advertisement on your feet.

  104. abcuethesun Says:


  105. VINAY Says:

    Why the FUCKING people dont understand.

  106. Edward J Webber Says:

    I’m sorry, But this is sickening.

    Kurt was opposed to his image being sold. That was one of the reasons he commited suicide.

    He wouldn’t have aproved of this, EVER.
    True fans will know this and respect his opinion by not buying into this moneymaking sceme.

  107. Lkstrr Says:

    i’m torn. i want the shoes like crazy but i don’t think this is what Kurt wanted… isn’t it better to just buy plain cons? draw on them yourselves. do you really think he would’ve bought shoes with someones journal entries written on them? plus all the money isn’t going to anything good…

  108. Lkstrr Says:

    I agree with ‘just a girl’. but the lyric ones are EVER SO TEMPTING. I just think this goes against having respect for Kurt.

  109. rebelchic Says:

    i think courtney love is out to get the money..for what..drugs?? to hell with this..i’m not buying into this..and if i wanted any lyrics of Nirvana’s, any at all..i’ll just pick my own favorites on my own time..and..it is definately NOT koo man to go raiding through his stuff like that to make profit, i’m gonna make sure i tell people not to buy into this crap..I RESPECT NIRVANA, but not the fact that they’re product and not meaning, their music speaks clear to everyone, his words too, he is really powerful and if i knew what i know now back then, i probably could relate, i would be upset if i was used as a product..especially by a loonatic divorced wife who’s fucked up mentally and needs to move on and stop hurting kurt’s image. courtney, LEAVE KURT ALONE! holy crap..life?? get one!

  110. xxflipperbabyxx Says:

    my family new the cobains and we still do
    courtney is pretty sane
    kurt was really quiet
    he would have hated this
    he is my god
    i went to frances 6th bday party
    u guys shud keep her outta this

  111. danger Says:

    they are awesome and i want a pair, but seriously… the guy killed himself cuz he was getting too published.. we might as well pee on his grave…

  112. Guiyote Says:

    The shoes are cool, but it’s a horrible idea to put his journals stuff. Shit brain, i like the shoes, but i will not buy them… THEY ARE REALLY SICK!!!,
    They will be a honor if it was possible that Kurt like them, but i am sure that he will not like them… so WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE TALKING ABOUT!!! THEY ARE SO… UN-LEGAL…

    oh, yeah, CL sucks =D

  113. KurDt101(crywoot@hotmail.com) Says:

    this is wrong, you cant MAKE HIS STYLE OF SHOES IN A FUCKING FACTORY!!!!! if people want shoes like his they should just buy converse and draw on them and write lyrics on them no one should have his exact shit thats not punk rock at all THATS BEING A FUCKING POSER!!!! POSERRRRSSS FUCKHEAADS LOSERS!!! get a fucking life

  114. sarah Says:

    i know some people feel as if reading kurt cobains jouranls is wrong but,kurt cobain was a HISTORICAL FIGURE IN MUSIC.A great way to learn about historical figures is to read writings of them.In my opinion publishing personal words of him on a shoe is a little stupid but if you love nirvana and want to learn more about kurt cobain then it is fine to buy his journals.

  115. Addicted Says:

    Yeah, I read the Kurt Cobain Journal. I don’t think you should put some of the stuff he wrote on fucking shoes. Sure putting his name, lyrics, or ‘Punk Rock Means Freedom’ isn’t so bad, but not his PERSONAL thoughts that were meant to be private. That fucking Courtney love shouldn’t have sold the damn book in the first place. She should have kept it, if not for herself, but for her beautiful daughter, Frances Bean. I could go on for hours about this, but I’ll stop here to keep myself contained. R.I.P. Kurt

  116. Dumb Says:

    Let’s face it; Courtney killed him because they were about to divorce and the slut wanted to keep his money. She even hired someone to kill him, and when he wouldn’t, he ended up dying, too. She made money off his death and the bitch still is. Buying these shoes would only be making her money, so I would suggest it. If it would help the rest of the band then yes, I would buy them. Come on, if you fellow Kurt/Nirvana fans wanna honor him, just do what I do. Keep the legend alive, buy every NIRVANA shirt you can find, and buy their CDs. Hell, I even have a HUGE poster of him on my wall. If you must have the shoes, just buy yourself a white pair of them and write his name and lyrics on them. The main thing though that bothers me about all of this is that he really loved his family and music and fans. Anyways, I’d better stop. I could go on about this forever.

  117. Dumb Says:

    Let’s face it; Courtney killed him because they were about to divorce and the slut wanted to keep his money. She even hired someone to kill him, and when he wouldn’t, he ended up dying, too. She made money off his death and the bitch still is. Buying these shoes would only be making her money, so I would NOT NOT suggest it. If it would help the rest of the band then yes, I would buy them. Come on, if you fellow Kurt/Nirvana fans wanna honor him, just do what I do. Keep the legend alive, buy every NIRVANA shirt you can find, and buy their CDs. Hell, I even have a HUGE poster of him on my wall. If you must have the shoes, just buy yourself a white pair of them and write his name and lyrics on them. The main thing though that bothers me about all of this is that he really loved his family and music and fans. Anyways, I’d better stop. I could go on about this forever.

  118. grunge ultimatum Says:

    awesome !!

    gimme one !!

  119. The Should Have Been Ms. Cobain Says:

    I “halfway” agree with grungegirl. I just hate the one’s that have stuff with from his journal on them. They should just have his lyrics and name on them. Or maybe some of his quotes because everyone has heard those. I personally have read his journal, but I think that only his fans should read his journal and not just random people who learned stuff about the legend from reading your shoes. Especially since your average person would be able to understand words that, as my friends and teachers would say, go any deeper then a mud puddle. Anyways, I L-O-V-E Kurt and Nirvana and I would buy these shoes if I didn’t think his wife/murderer Courtney Love would collect profit from them. If his daughter or the rest of band members would get any money, then yes, I would buy them. I may just buy a pair of converses and put ‘Punk Rock Means Freedom’ and Kurt’s name, and some of his lyrics on them. Thats what I would suggest. If you want to argue with anything I said, just email rockchick6661@hotmail.com or contact aromancewithsuicide on quizilla. I’m a big girl, I can handle criticism, but that doesn’t mean I will tolerate it.

  120. Kurtney Says:

    I Want some!

  121. NuGaX Says:

    Are these for sale on Portugal??

    Id love to buy them…

  122. noa Says:

    i think the shoes look great and everything. but thats totally wrong! totally!! thats his personal life your printing there…its personal! its his diary for gods sake!! would you like someone to print your personal life on shoes? didnt think so.

  123. Punk_rocker Says:

    Okay people,
    overall I know Kurt wouldn’t appreciate how his personal thoughts are being tossed about while that slimy whore courtney is reaping all the damn benefits!!
    Does “do not read this when I’m gone”
    mean nothing to you?!?
    I don’t give flaming fuck if it’s published!!
    if you did then you wouldn’t let that tramp exploit his death.
    Think about it people.
    “Punk Rock means FREEDOM.”

  124. Nevermind From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah Says:

    the shoes are nice looking, i think anyone who has posted on here is not looking at this properly, yes Kurt didn’t like people knowing about his private life, Yes we don’t think knowing about his journal is needed, along with the fact u think the money the cause is going to is bad. Yet i think we all ned to look at the other side. Kurt didn’t like being worshiped but him along with any other Song writer lived/live for the crowds that chant there name at concerts, and who enjoy there music. If u buy these shoes it dosent mean anything it just shows ur a fan and nothing more then that. Not that u disrespect a man who wrote awsome music, or the fact that his journal is on them, Its all about wats in your head, so if u many people say u Enjoy Kurt’s Music why not buy the shoes, it just shows how much u enjoy the music, not the person…. After all the “lyrics” are written on 1 pair of the shoes, if not boycott the journal 1’s and buy the lyric 1’s or the 1’s with hsi anme” or album covers. —- Kurt Cobain an great man, a grunge idol, and may he rest in peace

  125. Samantha Says:

    I love converse and I am a big fan of Kurt Cobain. However, I refuse to buy these shoes. Do you really think Kurt would want all this merch based on him out. All Courtney is doing is exploiting him. When he was alive he claimed to not like fame and the attention that came with it. He was a great songwriter and I can understand fans wanting to honer him or show that they’re a fan by buying these converse or any other merch, but seriously have some respect for the guy. If you really want the shoes just buy some converse and use a marker to write youre favorite lyrics on them. I just don’t think that his personal like should be open to the public for everyone to see.

  126. .-. Says:

    God damn people. They’re shoes! Money making or honoring, whatever! You can’t do very much about it. No one here knew Kurt personally so saying, “Oh he wouldn’t like it,” isn’t really in your power now is it? Don’t waste your breath on here.

  127. andrewofgrunge Says:

    i wish i could have met kurt i love those shoes and i love his music

  128. Grunger Says:

    I agree kurt wouldn’t like this whole idea but its sure as he’ll tempting to buy some but with some nirvana logos and some unprivate kurt cobain logos maybe some famous quotes but not his journal thoughts

  129. ricofico Says:

    Whether or not Kurt would approve. I think the shoes are cool. I would buy a pair and add them to my collection of chucks I already own. As for the memory of cobain living on thru shoes… I personnel wouldn’t care if he rolled over in his grave about it. I feel that suicide is a cope out with people who cant handle life. He left a wife and child behind to deal with that burden. All the money he made and he couldnt get something for the pain? I deal with depression too but I think of my children and I endure for their sake. So go buy the shoes there hot. And listen to his music while wearing them. The man was at least creative and poetic. Lost to us forever more.

  130. Chris Says:

    Wow you guys sure are hypocritical.

    You read his private journal wear his t-shirts then complain when a shoe line comes out dedicated to him with some drawings and lines from his journal?

    The same journal you just read?


  131. Bobby Browne Says:

    im both in favor and not in favor of these shoes….i am in favor of them because well..it’s kurt cobain..i mean cmon hes a legend, and legends should live on…i am not in favor of these shoes because converse is in a way using kurt cobain to sell there shoes knowing people will go crazy for them…i mean i will be buying a pair myself but still don’t use him to sell…but none the less…the legend must live on :)

  132. Bobby Browne Says:

    when do the shoes come out???

  133. Shoulda been a son Says:

    I love how everyone says how Kurt wouldn’t like this. How do you know? Did you know Kurt personally?
    Maybe he would, maybe not, but his privacy isn’t being anymore messed with than it has already.
    If he didn’t want fame then he shouldn’t have done MTV or anything like that. And he did realize it (a bit too late), if you all don’t remember.
    If you don’t like the shoes, don’t buy them. Simple as that. Don’t make me read all of your “Fuck you tweenybobber” remarks. You just show that you have the maturity of tweenybobbers.

  134. nishi Says:

    can you still buy these and where?

  135. scania Says:

    jo00so skf83dnbfv9h2v64rn0vm

  136. monica Says:

    i think they’re nice. we all love kurt cobain and as much as he would of hated it, the truth is, we’ll buy anything that has his name scattered about. he was a great musician and i respect him. he’s dead, but i respect him. if they weren’t scattered with cool little kurt doodles, i would of bought these shoes anyway. i think they look cool to begin with and a little nirvana touch is a plus. it doesn’t matter if he wouldn’t of liked it or whatever because he is dead. which makes the shoes better. keeps the memory of him alive. who knows if he would like them or not either? its not like we can ask him. he might of loved them.

    just my opinion anyways

  137. Randy Says:

    amazingly comfortable shoe, picked up the blue hi-top chucks the dirtyness gives it a cool grungy feel, grunge rock

  138. caca Says:

    I have them

  139. Diana Davidson Says:

    When i looked at them, they seemed cool to me, but when i read that CL is involved with it – i got sick. when you hear that name you can see right away what’s the point of making this shoes. BITCH! i’m wondering how come people die only around you, how come no one shoot you in the face yet. if you were depressed as much as Kurt and a user as much as Kurt – go kill yourslef blondy, cause he didn’t.


    on kurts journals it says “if you read you’ll judge.” and it also says, “dont read my diary when im gone, OK, i going to work now, when you wake up this morning, please read my diary. Look through my things and figure me out.” so obviously i guess we can read stuff about him cus he wanted us to read it, so i think that these shoes would be ok to manufacture, and that guy in the comments that said “i knew the cobains” ya bull fucking shit… and that other guy that said “we might as well pee on his grave.” FUCK YOU! PISS OFF ASSHOLE, U FUCKIN FAGGOT.


    i never met him but i sure do fucking miss him…


    and hav these shoes already come out yet or does anyone know when they’re coming out cus i want a pair.


    but then again i do feel bad for goin thru his journals and reading them, but his life seems like mine, and the things he put in there seem like similar outcomes like mine.


    ya so maybe i wont buy a pair ill just write some stuff on my other converses

  145. signorasignora Says:

    i think companies are trying to put too much marketable value on this poor mans life. he obviously wouldnt want his personal business to be displayed this way. he wouldnt want his ideas to be cheapened, to be felt like his thoughts are being sold out, and that was one prime thing he was against doing, which was selling out.

  146. rajat Says:

    well to me….music means god n god means kurt..undoubtedly d best.>>> jai kurt baba ki ..cheers

  147. Hale Says:

    I’m torn, too. The shoes are really cool, and I want a pair, but it would go against what Kurt Cobain would have wanted. I may just write on a pair of plain converse…
    Even though it looks cool, I don’t think it’s right for his Journals to be published on the shoes.

  148. Atom (the jaded, cynical, elitist, anti-this and that, etc.) Says:

    This is the same marketing bullshit that Kurt Cobain was always saying he was against. The only difference is, they’ve targeted HIS audience and are now feeding YOU this crap and he’s not alive to have a say in it (unfortunately). I highly doubt Kurt would be happy about this as he was obviously extremely private. What’s also lame is the fact that people are going to be paying top dollar for a pair of artificially worn out shoes with his signature stamped/embroidered on them. Why?
    If this is something he would’ve wanted to be done, he would’ve done it while he was alive or would’ve have pitched the idea. If he would’ve wanted people wearing his most personal thoughts on their fucking feet he would’ve published his journals on his own and been cool with this.
    You’ve still got the music, the sound, the voice, the lyrics, the artwork… isn’t that enough? Isn’t that what it’s all about? This is the kind of crap that causes people to forget what they enjoyed most about Kurt in the first place: the music.
    Screw forking out your cash for these bullshit shoes and marketing schemes. Get your own pair and write your own personal thoughts on them. Do it yourself.
    Listen to the music and don’t buy into this disrespectful garbage. Nirvana got big because of their music. People felt a connection to Kurt because of the music and lyrics. Don’t let that die too.
    These fucker’s are going to milk every last drop of the man even after his death. And of course Courtney Love is backing this shit. Your true colors and motives show even brighter with time. Money, $$$$$$$$$$$$!
    So, fuck her, fuck the shoes, fuck the books, fuck the documentaries, fuck the rumors, fuck the bad imitations, fuck the boring and pretentious movies, fuck it all. Just put on the albums and remember what it really felt like, what it really meant to you. What it still means to you after all these years. That’s what it’s all about, not this ridiculous bullshit.

  149. Marf Says:

    I’m sure people have said this already throughout this article but here it is anyway.

    Beautifully orchestrated by the marketing company to sell the idea of Kurt not caring, in the first place, if his shoes looked grubby and anti establishment back to people at top dollar no doubt. Still no harm done if some people really want to feel like they’re in someone else’s shoes.

    Heads up for the people who fancy a pair of these new old trainers, it’s just a spin strategy to pull in the music lovers to part with their cash.

    So I think it probably isn’t the best idea as it sells out a bit of the rockstar’s legacy but as he’s no longer with us and has no say then I would conclude it’s absolutely nothing to do with music or celebration but just another opportunity for this company to jump on the commercial band wagon to stay ‘hip’.

    Having said all that I quite like converse shoes as they’re pretty comfortable. But the idea is not good.

  150. Barama4eva Says:

    ohhh i lovee kurt

  151. obama45 Says:

    o my these shoes are AWESOME! I love them. what a great way to honor Kurt. I feel bad for his daughter tho. How embarrasing. But anyways i have the low cut ones and they ROCK!

  152. Nirvanafreak Says:

    I think the shoes are really nice, but it isn’t that kind to write all his dreams and thoughts on shoes…Sure converse was his favourite, but i still dont get it..But i really want the black ones xD

  153. Kurt's Slut Says:

    I don’t care how much the shoes go for I’m getting a pair.)

    Courtney love is selling Kurt.)

    Most of you who say she is, He drew the shoes out and sold them himself.)

    Fuck off.

  154. pa Says:

    i think this is a sweet idea.
    the man was brilliant, he deserves
    something spectaacular, it’s not
    like they published something completely
    private on them, kurt is god, he
    needs to be known more. the shoes are
    awesome, i love kurt and his thoughts.

  155. Giggling Dove Says:

    If you really care about Kurt Cobain you will totally go out and buy these shoes because it completely matters if you have Kurt Cobain’s fucking scribblings on your feet as you walk around in your nice suburban shopping malls.

    While your at it why don’t you only wear Nirvana shirts and wipe your ass with Kurt Cobain signature toilet paper (which costs about $10 more than regular toilet paper of course) because I’m sure that’s what Kurt would want from all of you. Every single, last, whiny, self-loathing, white, suburban, pre-pubesent one of you.

  156. Giggling Dove Says:

    Sorry I misspelled “you’re” in my giddy excitement about these wonderful additions to converse.

  157. steff Says:

    omfg grunge girl. what u think yr cool. “oh no his personal life is being tamperd w/”1!! well then wtf are u doing on a site like this in the first place… hypocrite

  158. sonia Says:

    i am having hell lot of pairs of converse and will not mind buying it more . i love kurt cobain and love converse……..

  159. Dilvin Says:

    fuck you “pa”. kurt deserves something spectacular you say, and that is his name on fucking “converse”s, ha? that is you describe him as fucking “god” who needs to be “known” more? fuck you. fuck you all who disrespect his memory.

  160. Johnny Says:

    Jesus Christ Dilvin, chill out. He’s been dead for 14 years now. You need to get a breathe of fresh air buddy. I’m not saying he wasn’t a great guitarist/singer, he sure as hell was, but you need to get over it. What converse is doing is spreading his love, not disowning it.

  161. Dilvin Says:

    c’mon johnny.. you really believe that what Converse does with these shoes is spreading the love of kurt cobain?? You know what, YOU need to get over this man, you’re unrealistic.

  162. Dilvin Says:

    and the fact that it has been 14 years since he’s gone, doesn’t mean that they can sell him anyway they want.

  163. Koopa Troopa Says:

    I don’t get it. I mean… I suppose most of you call yourselves Nirvana fans, and own at least one Nirvana related product. Now think about it. What’s the moral difference between a Nirvana T-shirt and a shoe with Kurt’s name on it? Not much, in my opinion.

  164. Nathan Fazekas Says:

    I have the same shoes in the very top picture with the dear

  165. Nathan Fazekas Says:

    wait did Kurt actually draw those and converse decided to make it into a shoe all these years later?

  166. paradigmshifterZ Says:

    OMG…it’s like symbolically trodding the man’s soul, philosophy, beliefs, and dreams on our feet…i don’t think he would have approved of this. I mean..it was fame and capitalism drove the man over the edge…who thought that this would honour him?sad sad…

  167. Annie Says:

    yeah and know FB is modeling for that makeup crap What the hell! Its like every one just following Nirvana because of how many people have listened to them and putting his personal words and drawings on shoes is an insult to him.

  168. Alex Says:

    this is stupid. he would never do such a thing!

  169. skye Says:

    i have the white ones!
    i love them.
    i think they’re a great way to remember him.

  170. rawan Says:

    with out convers thers no life and go 4 it ur doing great ……. no shoes will be the best exsept converse

  171. gaby Says:

    huuuuuuuu amo a kurt cobain es mi idolo

  172. mikeV Says:

    its kind of a cool idea. but emo fags will wear these, plus courtney will get all the money.

  173. boop Says:

    Where can I buy these in San Francisco or online. Very hard to find..

  174. Amy x Says:

    i want a pair……

    even though people say kurt wanted to be normal he did admit he liked the fame….

    this is a bit too far thooo! x

    but they are hot!

    were can i buy these online!! i must have them =O x

  175. Jennifer Finley Says:


  176. nimesh Says:

    so crazy with kirt’s songs stuff you’re not dead guy dude you still alive

  177. jguy24 Says:

    wat G if any peeps online lets chat

  178. she_did_it Says:

    You stupid bastarrds need to step back and take it all in. You love Kurt. You want to remember him. You have a nirvana T-shirt. COMMERCIALISM!!! How are you gonna sit there and call the people that have enough money to buy some 70$ shoes inconciderate and fakes?!? The shoes are awesome. i have the black high tops. I love em (I ahev to agree with you on 1 point though…Fuck Courtney. Give the money to Frances.

  179. she_did_it Says:

    but honestly. I love Kurt. He is the man that shares my mind. (It sounds really strange but thats the only way i know how to say it.) “I am threatened by ridicule.”, “I am overly concience of the sincerity in my voice.”, “I love my parents but i disagree with merely everything they stand for.”, “I understand and appreciate the religion of others.”, “My emotions are affected by music.”, “Punk rock means freedom.”, “I take bits and pieces of other peoples personalities to form my own.” – We love you Kurt. and your missed.

  180. Mariana Says:

    So…This tenis are incrivible…
    i loved this kind of all star!


    i will buy this tenis soon…i loved this!

    hugs and kisses


  181. Mariana Says:




  182. Emily Says:

    I fuckin love Kurt Cobain and it makes me sad to think of him as being branded in this way. Overall I think it was an extremely thoughtful idea and the shoes look great, but it does kind of feel like he is being exploited for the purpose of fashion.

  183. Emily Says:

    Mixed feelings really =(

  184. Joe Musker(drum teacher) Says:

    I think it is a great way to show Kurt how much Converse think about him.
    I have been wearing Converse boots for just over 30 years now.
    It does seem funny that Kurt had the words “endorsed” written on his right Converse shoe way back when he was with Nirnana.
    I think it’s a great tribute to Kurt
    Musker beats is a drummers website for all young drummers around the world

  185. Emily Says:

    Well whatever you guys say about Kurt Cobain,(if it’s bad) well you have no idea who you are talking about. Kurt Cobain was a pretty awesome guitarist and singer and has inspired many people including me! Even though he comitted suicide doesn’t mean that he just some randomly weird guy trying to get attention as I have heard some people say. Kurt Cobain was awesome and the power of pen and paper can’t change that,nor can anything else. Respect Kurt!

  186. Emily Bernard Says:

    Well whatever you guys say about Kurt Cobain,(if it’s bad) well you have no idea who you are talking about. Kurt Cobain was a pretty awesome guitarist and singer and has inspired many people including me! Even though he comitted suicide doesn’t mean that he just some randomly weird guy trying to get attention as I have heard some people say. Kurt Cobain was awesome and the power of pen and paper can’t change that,nor can anything else. Respect Kurt!

  187. the REAL mrs. cobain Says:

    seriously if you even like kurt you want to buy these things!! i love this dude i think hes the most amazing singer this world will ever see and i want these shoes bad!! if i died i would want people to remember me whatever way they possibly could and i think that this is an interesting way to do it, maybe he would be proud!!

    dont diss the man, just respect what he did!!

  188. IrwinCobain Says:

    I’m a big fan of Nirvana. I grew up to their music and I also started playing guitar because of them. The first song I learned to play was Smells like Teen Spirit. I would love a pair of Cobain Converse shoes.
    Kurt you are the hero of music and an inspiration to us all.

  189. simon Says:

    wow. if kurt could see this he would kill himself again. and evyrone of you buying this is pissing on his grave. you’d go to mcdonalds if they would name a burger after him right? fucking pathetic fashion cunts.

  190. Kevin Says:

    Out Now!!
    Debut Lp by Toronto’s Noise-Punk kings!!
    Disguises, “Post-Mortem Depression”
    $20 p/p paypal accepted
    contact: wintagerecords@gmail.com
    “if Kurt was alive today,Disguises would be his favorite band”-Joe Coal

  191. Tim Says:


    If He were alive He never Would Have sold out Like This period.

    ps. LAME.

  192. catatoonic Says:

    put em in a museum,

    i love kurt cobain <3
    truely do, one of his greatest fans <3 {:

  193. Jay Says:

    On the cover of Rolling Stone, Kurt wore a shirt that said: “Corporate Magazines still Suck.”

    Why? Because he was critical of the corporate rock industry. That’s why he had so much tension and disagreement with Geffen records.

    Don’t any of you teeny-boppers get it??
    Man, the angst was lost in the 90s.

  194. Ilikenirvana Says:

    I like Nirvana. It’s one of my favourite bands. Always has been, and always will be. I like Kurt Cobain. I want posters, his cds, and maybe a pair of his chucks, but, man, there’s a fine line between wanting to remember your idol, and baking a sick profit off of a dude’s suicide/murder.

  195. nusly casaña Says:

    soy super admiradora de nirvana me encantan sus lokeras y su musika de hecho compuse una cancion especial para todos les fanaticos de nuestro amigo kurt cobain en paz descanse!!!los quiero muucho!!!

  196. Ruan temas Says:

    Sujaram a imagem do kurt cobain, tarnished the image of Kurt Cobain,
    empañado la imagen de Kurt Cobain

  197. linzee Says:

    u can get em off of ebay or amazon most of em are sold out though

  198. juan carlos garrido cruz Says:


  199. zoe Says:

    nirvana’s so cool and a very good band. i’m not sure if this is really the way to honor him. i’m not sure if kurt would of liked them or not, but… i like converse, but i’m not sure if i’d buy these one.

  200. bryan b Says:

    kurt cobain was the best and these shoes rock

  201. matthew Says:

    correct me if im wrong but didnt cobain commit suicide because i hated the fact that his music lost it’s independence.
    he lost his passion.

    so these shoes are just wrong.

  202. sandy Says:

    eso es genial porque si uso converse es ademas de que me lo influensiaron mis padres es por kurt cobain y porque algun dia me encantaria trabajar diseñando para converse the welcome to the new converse century jaja pero que mala onda que aqui en mexico…no se vayan a vender…que malos son…ojala leyeran este comentario

  203. mckenzie Says:


  204. mckenzie Says:


  205. RIOT! Says:

    i think he would have hated this idea and i agree if u realy wanna show ur a true fan jusst write the fucking lyrics on the shoes and the shoes are better when there all old and beat up.


  206. pakreece kennedy Says:

    how much do they want for them…?
    because we might have to pass a basket.
    or ask some one personally if they
    will buy them for us

  207. punkpoke Says:

    I believe all the people freaking out and calling people who buy these shoes posers need to just stop. Everyone is gonna honor his memory differently and the journal entries were a bit much but those who care enough top get a real glimpse at a amazing mans life should not be judged, and courtney love is probably trying to keep money for her daughter [also the daughter of kurt, so have respect u dicks] and her drugs, something her and kurt did together! I like the shoes and they could have done worse i think.

  208. Kurt Cobains Number 1 Fan Says:

    Look, none of this shit has to do with Kurdts personal life. Even if it says Courtney Love, he was in love with her and he had a kid with her… don’t get me wrong i hate her, but he loved her with his heart… so you little queer bates need to shut the fuck up and think of how Kurt would have felt about this. So don’t think of this as anything BUT a pair of shoes made for the memory of a beloved legend. I hope you read what i wrote cause i fucking LOVE Kurt Cobain. RIP Kurt Donald Cobain, You are dearly missed.

  209. A Very Disturbed Mind Says:

    Although i was unborn when kurt doped up n blew his brains out. i have studied him for a couple of years and i must say that it would be an honor to wear these shoes of “The Elvis of Our Time” on my feet………….R.I.P.

  210. samm. Says:

    I have these shoes.!! i love them. i want moreee. haha.

  211. Negative Creep 75 Says:

    I have been a fan of Kurt’s even before Nirvana became well known. I think it is very disrespectful by the exploitation of his writings and music to be put on shoes! What next Cobain underwear? To those of you who say you are fans and want them, maybe you better think about if you really are a fan of him, or the mockery made of his legacy and all of the money-greed based that has gone on since 1994. By the way is this meant to honor his murder/suicide? WTF!?! I used to like Converse, but now I am personally boycotting Converse. Nobody leave me alone in a Converse store I will destroy there shoes! At least maybe the money could go to Francis Bean…or better yet in a trust fund that only she can touch when she is old enough…Keep the money away from Courtney the exploitation, foul mouthed, shitty singing wanna be…(refering to L7)Well I could say more, but what is the point the greedy retards who want more money will stop when we all rise and say screw you at the same time by not supporting their habits(Meaning do not buy things that disrespect those that have passed on) Peace to all and may the dumb asses learn from there mistakes!

  212. Negative Creep 75 Says:

    Today is the 15 annivesary of Kurt Cobains death. It still to me seems like yeterday. I guess I really miss him…I can relate with him much…I also think he was bipolar. Yet the way thigs were handled with his death it seems very suspicous. Yet don’t believe everything you read, hear and sometimes even see!For all we know maybe he is really still alive and his death was staged so he could get out of the lime light…that sounds a bit out there…but maybe…by the way i think I saw Elvis at a Burger King in TN. Majority of his songs had refrence to suicide and or depression, yet, could he really Not have reached the trigger on the shotgun?…also wouldn’t a shot gun produce a sprayed effect…sorry to be so graphic , and I am no gun expert but just think about it…don’t gun shot shells have little pellets in them or am I mistaken…also why would anyone leave their drivers license out? Unless he was worried he ould not be identified by the shooting…Who knows in a severely depressed state one does not think rationally! If anything Converse should releaseshoes with Anti-suicide related meaning, and maybe even ones hinting a reinvestigation. The song lyrics are fine, but I still think the note books/journals goes too far. By the way yesterday the 5th is the traditional coroners report date, but some have said that they talked to him on the 6th. Anyway …peace, love, and never give up…to everyone! As John Lennon said ‘There are no problems, only solutions.’ However suiide is Not a soluion it is running away.

  213. 15 años sin Kurt Cobain | Juanfra Aldasoro Says:

    […] Sus restos, quemados; un tercio de sus cenizas se esparcieron en un templo de Budismo Tibetano en Ithaca, otro tercio fue esparcido en el río Wishkah por su hija Frances Bean, mientras que el último tercio fue entregado a Courtney Love($). […]

  214. kris Says:

    this is so fucking stupid this pisses me off kurt hated commercialism and that its just an insult to put his name on a commercialized shoe, any one who buys these shoes is not a nirvana fan

  215. Mike Says:

    Considering that he wrote ‘Endorsement’ on the toe cap of his own pair of All Stars I couldn’t see him hating this too much, though being Kurt he’d probably complain about it all the same.

  216. fay Says:

    Annies right…GIMME!!!!

  217. 0298068841 Says:

    je mapelle antoine etr je tencule

    g la pine

  218. 0298068841 Says:

    je mapelle antoine etr je tencule

    g la pine

  219. jane Says:

    Its weird to see kurt cobains shoes here, you might think its wrong to buy them, but the truth is Kurt cobain would love to buy sex pistols shoes or jimi hendrix shoes, think about that!! this is made for his fans. And nirvana fans.If you buy them then it’s just because you love then so much and fallow their music. you are so proud to wear them. Come on Kurt was an artist , nobody will forget that!! this is cool, and not wrong to buy, you should be happy you can buy stuff like that

  220. Meee x Says:

    YAY! I would like some of these!! <3


    anyone who hates these are queer kurt cobain is a god he was a complete stud but only put his name and maybe the nirvana symbol and that would be bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. joey Says:

    when can we buy these

  223. E.Gaze Says:


  224. E.Gaze Says:

    ^ look .That was me not giving a shit. It’s fun. Apparantly uncommon.

  225. yossi eden Says:

    I never see something like that
    I think its looks nice just beacuse kurt
    but its totally wrong and ugly too so something like that

  226. Dottie Says:

    This is really cool. The journals were published so whatever. And I really wish people would stop speaking for a dead man and assuming he would or would not have agreed with this. It’s too late for him to argue.

  227. the voice of reason Says:

    this is the most misguided $$$-grabbing stunt i’ve ever seen! want kurt’s shoes? start a band and wear the same pair of whatever cons for 5 years.

  228. ramatoulaye Says:


  229. the rapture Says:

    I think it is an good way to remember him although maybe the journals are a bit too far. His lyrics are so deep and meaningful I don’t think you really need the journal entries but w/e.

  230. iveh Says:

    Damn I love them. But it’s totally wrong. He is a musician, not a money-grubbing bugger. But Curtney is it. I won’t support her by buying them.

  231. Dumb. Says:

    i agree with everyone who says, just take a fucking marker and scribble down the lyrics on a pair of falling apart converse.
    kurt cobain is a genius.

  232. Jame-Jame Says:

    iveh and Dumb(last 2 posts) pretty much said EXACTLY what I was going to say but I’ll say it again… Courtney’s no-talent ass is just feeding off her late-husband’s glory for all it’s worth so don’t buy the shoes.

    If you want to pay tribute to Kurt, buy regular ol’ cheap-as-you-can-find Chucks. That’s what the Man Himself wore, and he wouldn’t have YOU wear or SPEND anything else!!!

    And shit, why let Converse write THEIR favorite Cobain quotes on YOUR shoes?? Like Dumb says.. you got the books, liner notes and a Sharpe- scribe your own shoes and artwork.

    Nothing against Converse AT ALL. I’m Pro-Cobain / Nirvana all the way.

  233. eufph4weugf Says:


  234. Rachel Says:

    I love them!!
    and sure its messing with his personal life a bit,
    but all this was published in books already, so I dont see why it matters anymore.

  235. Rachel Says:

    they didnt even say the money was going to courtney!
    they said they had her cooperation.
    all that means is she wont be complaining about it.
    and they didnt pulish anything very personal on them, either!
    they have some drawings, and lyrics that are already all over the world.

  236. Rachel Says:

    and stop saying he would have hated this, because you dont know! hes dead, nobody will ever know!

  237. malcolm Says:

    I honestly doent think kurt would be impressed. He disliked fame, he couldnt handle it well either. But then again Why be in a band if you dont like fame but still, this is horrid!

  238. nusly casaña Says:




    IT’S SO CUTE…!!


  239. ingrid forever kurt d. cobain Says:

    kurt donald cobain forever amo kurt ele e minha vida mesmo q pessoas estupidas fale mau dele ele vai esta sempre em nossos coraçoes eu nao rezo escuto nirvana eu nao amo kurt eu vivo por ele mesmo q as pessoas pese q ele e um estupido ele nao e! so e uma pessoa q era triste por ter muitos traumas quando criança antes de falar mau dele leia o livro mas pessado q o ceu voce vera o quanto ele sofreu kurt voce e o carra e sempre estara em meu autar te amo do fundo do meu coraçao love you te amo com todas as letra vc sempre estara no meu coraçao bejos de uma pessoa q te ama muito I LOVE KURT COBAIN sempre vou t amar aonde quer q voce esteja!paz amor e amparia s2

  240. michael Says:

    kurt cobain would hate this he didint want to be famous he just wanted to play music

  241. Emily Says:

    To Grungegirl:

    Everyone who KNOWS kurt cobain and likes
    him, knows about his suicide note and
    his strips, so I don’t see the problem
    with designing shoes with them on it?
    And everyone is being soooo overreacted
    about this… Damn.

    Hear what she says:
    ”# jane Says:
    May 12th, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Its weird to see kurt cobains shoes here, you might think its wrong to buy them, but the truth is Kurt cobain would love to buy sex pistols shoes or jimi hendrix shoes, think about that!! this is made for his fans. And nirvana fans.If you buy them then it’s just because you love then so much and fallow their music. you are so proud to wear them. Come on Kurt was an artist , nobody will forget that!! this is cool, and not wrong to buy, you should be happy you can buy stuff like that”

    She is right. So why is it suuuuuuch a
    big problem to buy shoes from OUR hero?
    These shoes are fucking fantastic and
    I would do anything to have them, so
    stop whining about them and if you don’t
    like it, just don’t buy them

  242. A Very Disturbed Mind Says:

    i cant find these shoes on the whole fukin website

  243. candyqueen Says:

    help me find these damn shoes

  244. hairspray queen Says:

    i’ve looked at the shoes up close, and yes, the designs on the shoe are from his journal, but they don’t say anything really personal. most of it is drawings, lyrics, and a small write up he did about punk rock. so it’s not like they’re putting his very intimate thoughts on people’s feet. gotta admit, they are awesome.

  245. wtf? Says:

    to “head” punk rock means freedom is a quote from Kurt Cobain and if you have even a shredd of respect you will not call it gay

  246. Imam Celebi Says:

    hallo ,

    I need Kurt Cobain Chucks black HI 11,5 ?

  247. chase Says:

    i think this is an ok idea but really give him and his fam some privacy and to think ppl put there feet on his thoughts is kind of degusting:(

  248. savannah Says:

    k, so basically, i think everyone who’s saying kurt hated commercialism and liked his privacy and would in turn hate these is right. and everyone who’s saying that it’s a great way to respect him is way off! really, if he wanted this shit to be known to the public then he would have released it when he was alive!i love and miss him like he was my husband (i know that’s weird but i feel as though i have a connection with him)and i feel disrespected for him about these shoes.

  249. love_you_kurt Says:

    you’re totally right savannah. but then again everyone on this site is doing what kurt hated… obssesing over him! hypocrites!!!

  250. moh Says:

    whole o kurt’s life ,a part o him wanted to be understood by people but he wasn’t. To top it, still people in general (not the fans) hardly kno anythin bout him and make mockery o his death ,call him names ,i think all cobain fans shud b happy that people now can kno a lil more bout KURDT,we owe him that much , its a great effort

  251. Leidy Says:

    I saw this collection and I realized that says limited edition but I would like to get under any price
    where can I get urgent

  252. karl Says:

    OMG all of you people,Kurt’s notes are already published in books.These shoes are awesome bought some for 60$ and they’re worth the money.and i dont care about courtney,I just like to have a Kurt Cobain shoe!

  253. Sarah Says:

    These shoes go against the sentiment that punk rock stands for and anyone who is a fan knows this.

    Re. supporting Kurt’s memory, your only supporting Courtney Love and Converse’s pockets.

    Re. ‘its okay because its in the dairy anyway’ those very private writings are in the context of what he was thinking, feeling and his inspirations. You are LITERALLY walking on his work.

    Too bad the dead can’t defend themselves…I doubt Kurt would have accepted this. See also Hunter S. Thompson, Ian Curtis, and Sid Vicious chucks. Apparently death is hot right now.

    Also chuck shoes are made shit and they fall apart easily.

  254. pachu Says:

    quiero unas soy de argentina como hago???????

  255. cheesy Says:

    Nirvana 4ever lalalalalalalalalalalala

  256. Karl Says:

    This site supposed to be a site which RESPECTS Cobain’s memory, but let there be rock, let there be ca$h, let’s sell and sell and sell ’till his corpse is drained! How come a tribute site supports this kind of exploitation? These shoes are another PATHETIC example of cashing-in a dead’s man life, work and memory. This attitude is worse than the worst! It’s so disgusting I wanna throw up! Everything that Kurt HATED are now on sale by mega companies and bearing his name as a trademark. What the fuck man? What the fuck? The UTTER PATHETIC SHITTY ATTITUDE towards any person. Exploiting EVERYTHING for cash and in the same time pretending to pay respect to Kurt. Wake up people and DON’T be a part in this disgrace, they want your money ONLY, they are so glad Cobain’s dead so they can sell him more and more! WAKE THE FUCK UP people and have the DIGNITY not to be part in it or simply FUCK OFF, you are one of “them”!

    ps: I was never a Nirvana fan, I just happent to repsect Cobain.

  257. Karl Says:

    Just saw it after I posted the first comment! These fuckin shoes will have parts of Cobain’s diary???????? Great!!!!! Kids, have your parent’s credit cards ready, your “god” is on sale, pay for the shoes so converse can pay the tribute to Cobain and then party with that bitch who gave the ok… It’s getting greater and greater. I’m wondering why they just don’t dig up the body, cut it in pieces and sell it to the “fans”. They could sell it by the gram, like heroin, yeah, sell the dope to the “fans”, make a church, wouldn’t THAT be SUPER-COOL or fuckin what?

    I’m REALLY wondering WHAT the fuck some of you people understood from Cobain EXCEPT the image? Huh? But after all, isn’t EVERYTHING about life style?

  258. Scott Drysdale Says:

    You all wanna respect and honour Kurt, do so in the only true way.Under the bridge, singing Something In The Way!!
    NOT with a pair of shoes!!

  259. brendan Says:

    I HATE all of them except the one with his signature, the rest are kinda disrespectful in a way i think, but i dont think theres anything wrong with the ones with the autograph. ALTHOUGH i DEFINITELY HATE courtney and i think it sucks shes makin the money off of these

  260. phylicia Says:

    i love kurt cobain.. i want these shoes so fucking bad..


  261. rockerboy from azerbaijan Says:

    salam millet men nirvana azerkeshiyem kurt cobainmenim her sheyimdi o menim dostumdu atamdi,qardashimdi men cobini cooox sevirem,eger azerbaycandan onu kurt cobaini seven varsa zeng elesin 055 568 88 64 opdum sagolun

  262. rockerboy from azerbaijan Says:

    qizlar hardasiniz gozduyurem 055 568 88 64

  263. Josh Says:

    I think they’re neat. Hero-worship is a human aspect we all share in, if you don’t like them then don’t get them, and if you love them then buy them. It’s not disrespectful to parade about in shoe with a name on them, after all THEY’RE FREAKIN CHUCKS :) stop griping about the spirit of the thing. Love it.

  264. Geovanny Says:

    como faço pra comprer ??? sou do brasil me informem por favor !!!

  265. Geovanny Says:

    como faço pra comprar ??? sou do brasil me informem por favor !!!

  266. nirvana2010 Says:


  267. Andrew77 Says:

    Just another example that anything is for sale, including a person’s private life. Kurt hated commercialism. And here it is.
    I wont be buying a pair Ill just stick to my nirvana records and photos.

  268. punk princess Says:

    i love the shoes, but i dont think they should put stuff from his journal. thats personal. i dont think kurt would of wanted that. they should just put his name and some song lyrics. i mean the stuff in his journal is probley interesting but its his life and his buissnes. im goning to try to find a pair with no personal stuff.

  269. irishman Says:

    how much do these fuckin shoes cost.

  270. bree Says:

    you know, i love kurt with all my heart, but i kinda agree that his personal life souldn’t be tampered with. he would love a line of his shoes, but he wouldn’t want his privet jornals displayed. i surly wouldn’t want personal writting produce for the public. oh and i hate courtney. srry 2 her fans. but i just don’t.

  271. bree Says:

    oh and it would be diffrentt if he was alive and proved it or they were made with nivana lyric with permission from the band. not the wife. cuz shes a gold digger.

  272. violentviolet Says:

    write His name your own fucking self on your own fucking shoes! hell write his name, his lyrics, anything you want to anywhere you want. christ what the fuck is wrong with people…like this is an original idea? besides i cant see the O.G punks on the street panhandeling for change to buy these shoes.maybe scrawling his name on thier tattered converse with a stolen sharpie while sparing change for beer….but actualy buying shoes that are ready-made punk rock??? fucking never`

  273. Tayl Says:

    no…these shoes are bad, kurt wouldve never wanted this.

  274. chris flood Says:

    OMG have you heard youselfs those shoes are bullshit i mean the people that buy them are not nirvana or cobain fans there not cool.
    There really bad how would you like it if someone got hold of your diary and photocopyed it and threw it from the roof tops and gave it out on the street cause iv got news for you ITS THE SAME FUCKING THING!

    I love nirvana and kurt i get some of the things but to publish his journals is one thing but to then put them on a overpriced shoe is fucked.

  275. Caitlyn Says:

    You guys are bitches. I don’t think any of us know what he would be thinking dumbass.

  276. Shiv Says:

    Lolllll….cut the crap everyone and rather listen to his music and read his music…guess that is what he wanted…to share his music….leave the toys aside!!!

  277. Shiv Says:

    Sorry…it should have been “read his lyrics”

  278. nate Says:

    Kurdt would have hated this too much publicity

  279. wishkah.rose Says:

    I have the third ones…peace&love&kurt cobain

  280. Kaylee =] Says:

    Kurt was his own person, and he is remembered because of it. Everything is what it is, and if the company wants to make shoes, they can. Kurt is a one of a kind guy, so why shouldn’t he be remembered by a pair of shoes?


  281. Kaylee =] Says:

    I agree with 226, Dottie. You can’t assume something, especially what someone would have approved or would not have approved. Honestly, I know I wouldn’t like other people making my decisions… so shouldn’t we just stop this crap and remember him for the great person he was and not ‘shoes’ ?

  282. Chucks, Cons, Connies, All Stars Says:

    […] feet in the 90s thanks to the grunge/punk/rock thang fueled by music legends like Kurt Cobain. These canvas and rubber concoctions have stood the test of time, fashion’s ever changing […]

  283. The mad hatter Says:

    I love the shoes. But its kinda Weard that people put a “memory on their feet”. But i really wanna know where i can get em!!!
    and lots of u others says thath he would hate this becouse he just wanned to play the music, But what he did was to put something speacial in our hearts, The music called rock. And rock issnt just a thing you can hear but also a thing you can feel…

  284. max Says:

    This is like walking on Kurt. Discusting!

  285. grunge oo-tsab Says:

    kurt is not just a legend he’s a rock god……………but printing the stuff from the diary is not a good idea…….but still its kurt’s edition n we should respect that……….after all it was kurt who made converse so special amongst the rockers !!!

  286. phil Says:

    you guys are such a bunch of fuckin complainers, jesus. its not like they fucking cut him up and put him in a case for someone to carry around going “look, he’s dead!” its a fucking shoe with his writing on it. Disgusting is you people thinking you know him. you wouldn’t complain if they put this shit on a shirt. but they decided to do something both good for the company and trademark of what he wore. that’s all you know him by. none of you commenting here knew him personally and know “what he would have wanted”. so please, be fucking quiet, and if you can’t accept these as just shoes and not a defacation on his life then please, shut up and dont buy them.

  287. grungemama Says:

    i dont think kurt would have liked any of you guys pretending like you knew him, either..you’re all here talking about what he would and wouldn’t have wanted and you all overlook the fact that by your standards he would have hated you all acting like you knew him more than these shoes.

  288. GrungeGirl. Says:

    i agree with ‘grungemama’.
    none of youse know him personally, sure you’ve read a bit of his journal, SO WHAT.
    he would want people to be original but knowing that people are still looking up to his to this day, would be something for him to be proud of.
    if he didn’t want anyone to see his journals he would have gotten rid of them before he had killed himself. think about it for a while… stop acting like you know him when you clearly don’t.

  289. PL Says:

    Where can I find the Lyrics one’s in New York State? I’m aiming for Long Island and NYC and it’s boroughs to buy them but if there is anywhere i can get the black lyrics shoe (whether it’s in a store or online etc.) then whatever.

  290. LM Says:

    omg i luv those shoes!!!! need them, want them, luv them!!!!!

  291. nusly Says:

    Te amo kurt cobain…!!!

    estaras siempre en mi corazon

  292. kurt cobain Says:

    i miss you.. kurt …..

  293. chuck berry Says:

    this is crap by the fucking coutney, cobain knew that this would happen when he’s gone. he knew how things will go on like thise. coutney love suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  294. chuck berry Says:

    i really wish he’s alive. RIP

  295. sonikurt Says:

    love you kurt..
    wish i can see you in heaven!!

  296. KURT4EVER Says:

    I need all!!!!!!!!!!! I need!!!!!!!!

  297. Michael saucier Says:

    All i can sau about what everything ive read so far that is a good portion of you are not real fans the ones who comes to his defense are not even understading of him he never wanted someone to speak for him even after death who are all of you to say thats not what he would or would not want you never knew him and even with the journals and books none of you will ever know him he left his life a mystery yea its sad that courtney published his journals for money not for the fans but she dont own anymore than fifty % of the rights the remaining band owns the rest converse is only there for the money too and those who want the shoes to be closer to kurt your idiots i love nirvana just as much as the next fan but what are you getting closer too? yea i will own a pair cause i like them and cause i like nirvana but ill never wear them ill keep them all i have to say is that if kurt wanted not to be famous he could of stopped makong records and told the record company to fuck off and to keep the royalties for nevermind and of he wanted to keep his life so personal he shouldnt of killed himself if he did if he didnt then you think he would give two shits what any of you thought about him?

  298. natalia cano marin Says:

    hola a todos los seguidores de nirvana
    soy colombiana y me gustaria saber en donde puedo comprar los converse edicion kurt Cobain
    mil gracias

  299. Muhahahaaa Says:

    Kurt cobain en aurait rien eu à foutre, il aurait certainement pas choisis de faire un truc comme ça pour faire de la tune avec, mais il en aurait rien eu à foutre. C’est un génie et un artiste, il avait besoin de liberté et on l’en a privé, c’est se qui l’a tué. Mais ça, ça l’aurait bien fait marré… Bref, je les trouve cool, je suis fan de kurt cobain et de convers, je suis tombé dessus sur ebay, ben je les ai prises ! c’est fout 90% des gens qui postent des commentaires ici sont des bouffons…

  300. leonardo Says:

    ola sou brasil mas sou mais nirvana que e melhorque guns roses

  301. dylan Says:

    Yeh, I mean Kurt Always loved commercialisation? rightt?

  302. CANDY Says:


  303. CANDY Says:


  304. CANDY Says:


  305. Pssghetti Says:

    wow, how terrible
    even worse because converse shoes are made in china =(

  306. phoenixx Says:

    all the people sayin this isnt right need to stfu…
    this is an amazing way to celebrate him and remember what he wanted us to remember…
    the music and lyrics that ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING

  307. mandy Says:

    i cant find a damn store that sells them

  308. Raven Says:

    This is basically crap.

  309. M! Says:

    Btw the best artist work is remember even when that artist is gone! Kurt Cobain is a perfect example of this! These shoes are just another example of his music and of him!

  310. Marcos Says:

    Paz Amor Y Empatia.

    Kurt Cobain ♥

  311. Marcos Says:

    Solo Kurt puede Parar todo esto..El es unico
    Me encantaria que este vivo para poder aprender de el y solo de el.

    Paz Amor y Empatia

  312. Evelyn Says:

    – Achei uma bela forma de homenagea – lo , acho difícil encontrar um desse aqui no Brasil. Mais eu vivo Kurt !

  313. Love.From Says:

    I’d like to buy them, i like the print, i like converse and i love Nirvana Kurt, but in fuckin* Poznań there’s no shop with shoes like that. I mean there’s a Converse but with some shity, folower-print boots. I hate them.

  314. Marissa Says:

    yea these shoes are no longer available… it blows hard core… i want them all

  315. spinossamuss Says:


  316. Jhon Says:

    Fuck the Converse, Cobain use it cause was cheap.

  317. anna Says:

    will all you guys just shut the hell up with all this crap about ‘kurt wouldn’t have liked this’ how the hell do you know maybe he wouldn’t think so kindly of people who diesided for him what he thought none of you know do you, because you didn’t know him, you knew of him and untill people realise stuff like that it’s just making the lives of people in the spotlight even more hard/tricky/confusing.

  318. Mike Gariti Says:

    I don’t think that Kurt really hated fame itself, just hated BEING famous. Anyway, he would’ve obviously been happy with, if not enthralled by, these shoes. Why? When he was alive, he’d sign anything you put to him. He liked being thought of by someone everytime they used something. If he hates these shoes, he also hates the T-Shirts, pins, stickers, books, movies, CDs…he hates the very MEMORY of him. And I don’t think that’s true.

  319. dawn Says:


  320. real Says:

    this is discracefull. this is discusting. this is just another step in the sellout of anything that means anything.

  321. Giselle Says:

    Esse All Star é perfeito sacou! *-*
    Igual ao Kurt, er.
    Eu quero todos eles *-*-* comofas?
    to babando aqui eles. own *o*

  322. vladan love kurt Says:

    kurt is in my heart.
    he is the best!!!

  323. Dr. Coconut Says:

    holy shit! i have to have them! I cant find them anywhere wtf! i will get my hands on them if its the last thing i do

  324. Kevin Says:

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me how I can get a pair of these shoes?

  325. Filipa Says:

    I agree with the las two coments. I have look in every sites, but there’s no Pair to sale. What can we do ?

  326. Jessica Pond Says:

    Kurt Cobain converse are so amaizng ^^
    I really want a pair !!

  327. jennifer Says:

    u guys should b nice!!!!
    These shoes are awesome i mean they are better than anything you’ve made! I mean this guy actualy made shoes lik that. u probubly hav’nt

  328. JD Says:

    Anyone notice the name HORUS on the shoe? What is up with that?

  329. johnjohnijonathan Says:

    i think kurt would all fans around the world to know this “wanting to be some else is a waste of a person you are”

    Kurt cobain and Nirvana forever

  330. johnjohnijonathan Says:

    i’m from 90’s die hard fan of Nirvana back then and im a converse fan by myself…and when got to know that kurt was wearing it too…i’m so proud…till now,i’m still having my converse chuck taylor bought in 1991,i was 17 yo…classic huh..

  331. Case Says:

    What do you think he would of thought of this? Have some respect for the dead you corporate scum. Oh and thank Courtney for giving your “permission” (bank details).

  332. amalie Says:

    guys, you who say that we piss on his grave, wtf?
    he has no grave.

    you talk like you know him.
    ”kurt wouldn’t like this”
    ”it’s not right to put his personals feelings, thought, ideas on a shoe”
    (hey, what’s wrong with that, they’re already out? anyone can just buy the book and read them.)
    ”courtney love is such a bitch”
    you know, he was in love with her, they had a child. it’s years ago since he died. let go.
    just chill? he’s gone, and you know what? i think that he don’t want to come back here, he want peace. i don’t want him back. he was suffering. you guys are so selfish.

    i don’t believe courtney killed him either, and i have nothing against her.
    don’t hate her, please, it was his wife.

    i haven’t read his diary. i have nothing of him, no t-shirts, keyrings, poster – nothing. i’ve just read some of his quotes, his lyrics, listened to his music, seen his musicvideos.

    i’m not a die-hard fan, i don’t know him. i just love what he made. what he meant.

  333. Hedda Says:

    FUCK WHOEVER GOT THIS “IDEA”!!! If true rockers wanted thoose shoes, they would have made em’. they would have written their thoughts on it by em’self. Not buy expencive shoes that was written strong thoughts by a other person on. im not saying no one should copy what he said n’ meant(but, if u do it, say it under his name.. cuz it was his thought.)

  334. Converse Skor Says:

    I want one pair of these!

  335. Converse Says:

    Looks great! Were do I buy them?

  336. kurt for ever Says:

    where do i find them???

  337. Alexandria333 Says:

    i think there pertty cool…kind of but does the shies say things that he wrote in his suscide note??? if it does that’s not really cool

  338. Raii Says:

    eu amoooo ele! atri
    lindo esse all star!!! d+

  339. benny Says:

    mann all yall are trippin. these hoes is clean. yall just takin it too fukkin far & personal. yall wont wear these , but yall will wear a kurt cobain t shirt. mann fuck outta here! imma buy these hoes! fuck yall !!

  340. Leila Says:

    Do you know where I could buy the last one? (the one star low) I really like it, but I can’t find it anywhere :(

  341. Eli Says:

    You guys. Kurt was his own person, and he made his own decisions. Of course he wouldn’t have wanted this. That’s obvious. But look at what’s happened. Kurt’s own ideas have been stolen and twisted by the corporate empire known as Converse. This is exactly what he was fighting against. So let’s continue that fight. This shouldn’t happen, and we won’t let it happen again. We can’t be Kurt, or “follow” him, but we can protect him and ourselves from being corrupted by the corporate oppressors.

  342. yan Says:


  343. Icarin Says:

    Mmm, they are shoes. I like Converse. I like their style. I love Nirvana…I might buy them, because I want them. Not because I worship Courtney or something messed up like that.

    I don’t think Kurt care about what we mortals do with our lives. He is in a better place now, we might or might not see him again after we die.

    But now, I want those shoes.

  344. gabrielly farias de lima Says:

    quero compra esse tenis com fasso para compra esse tenis

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