Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Stars ConverseHe haunted Seattle’s music scene, withdrawing into its grit and grime. He thought some of it made sense, but most of it didn’t. So he turned to the only thing he knew for sure: his music. Soon it became clear; the inspired songwriter with scruffy hair and stormy eyes had taken the underground grunge movement mainstream. Converse invokes Kurt Cobains spirit with these Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylore All Star Converse. These shoes feature a canvas upper with lyrics from “Come As You Are” and “Dumb”. Available now at Converse.com

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  1. I love converse. I love Kurt Cobain. But yes, the journals of Lord Kurt Cobain must not be in public eye. Come on guys, his privacy must be respected. Uhm, instead of printing his journals in shoes or shirts why don’t they just print his name “Kurt Cobain”? I love Kurt Cobain so much, til death do we part and I want to be surrounded by him..shirts,cds, posters , shoes, hankies, etc…but I will never intrude his most private thoughts. Im not mad at converse I’m just mad with the “selfish brat people” behind all these abusive stuffs.

  2. Oh my God..how i really wish Kurt Cobain was still here..who knows? he would have a HAPPY and HEALTHY life now…I love you Kurt to the millionth power…Long Live Kurt! You still drive me crazy…everyday….forever Kurt….forever…muah…

  3. I think it is amusing that everyone thinks that this would have pissed Kurt off. the thing is, you all have nirvana shirts and posters and probably purchased a jagstang just because Kurt had one. I’d definately buy a pair of these shoes because it just another way to show that I’m a fan of nirvana and have been since 1990, just after Bleach was recorded for about $600, took about a day to record and to date is still one of the most wicked, rawest albums out there.
    So, if these shoes piss you off then throw out your nivana t-shirts and posters, cut your hair and sell your jagstang, boss ds-1 and small clone chorus and buy some celine dion albums or something else

  4. oh should I add that his estate, Bean’s inheritance, is an incredible figure all because of album sales and merchandising.
    Everytime you purchase a nirvana album, t-shirt, poster, these shoes that everyone is so pissed about, whatever may have in anyway something to do with Kurt, you are adding to Bean’s bank account now.

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  7. Oh, please, give me a break! People, you’re making such a big deal out of this. So, they put his writings on a shoe,the writings that were PREVIOUSLY published. If he didn’t want his journals to be found or read, he would’ve destroyed them.
    And it is so, so lame to judge and critisize those who buy these shoes. Buying them should not mean disrespecting Kurt or Nirvana, but quite the oposite.
    Also I’m sure many of you, who say these things have already read the journals.
    And how on Earth could any one of us possibly know what Kurt would have wanted. Even people who were around him didn’t always know what’s going around his mind. And he’s dead now, so we will never know.

  8. DrHouse is the only one that makes sense on here. “And how on Earth could any one of us possibly know what Kurt would have wanted.” I agree. None of us knew him personally.
    So people need shut the fuck up and stop lashing out because of a pair of CONVERSE.

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