Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

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Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Stars ConverseHe haunted Seattle’s music scene, withdrawing into its grit and grime. He thought some of it made sense, but most of it didn’t. So he turned to the only thing he knew for sure: his music. Soon it became clear; the inspired songwriter with scruffy hair and stormy eyes had taken the underground grunge movement mainstream. Converse invokes Kurt Cobains spirit with these Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylore All Star Converse. These shoes feature a canvas upper with lyrics from “Come As You Are” and “Dumb”. Available now at Converse.com

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73 Responses to “Kurt Cobain Black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse”

  1. Atom (again) Says:

    I’ll just copy and paste my old comment since it’s still relevant to this crap.

    This is the same marketing bullshit that Kurt Cobain was always saying he was against. The only difference is, they’ve targeted HIS audience and are now feeding YOU this crap and he’s not alive to have a say in it (unfortunately). I highly doubt Kurt would be happy about this as he was obviously extremely private. What’s also lame is the fact that people are going to be paying top dollar for a pair of artificially worn out shoes with his signature stamped/embroidered on them. Why?
    If this is something he would’ve wanted to be done, he would’ve done it while he was alive or would’ve have pitched the idea. If he would’ve wanted people wearing his most personal thoughts on their fucking feet he would’ve published his journals on his own and been cool with this.
    You’ve still got the music, the sound, the voice, the lyrics, the artwork… isn’t that enough? Isn’t that what it’s all about? This is the kind of crap that causes people to forget what they enjoyed most about Kurt in the first place: the music.
    Screw forking out your cash for these bullshit shoes and marketing schemes. Get your own pair and write your own personal thoughts on them. Do it yourself.
    Listen to the music and don’t buy into this disrespectful garbage. Nirvana got big because of their music. People felt a connection to Kurt because of the music and lyrics. Don’t let that die too.
    These fucker’s are going to milk every last drop of the man even after his death. And of course Courtney Love is backing this shit. Your true colors and motives show even brighter with time. Money, $$$$$$$$$$$$!
    So, fuck her, fuck the shoes, fuck the books, fuck the documentaries, fuck the rumors, fuck the bad imitations, fuck the boring and pretentious movies, fuck it all. Just put on the albums and remember what it really felt like, what it really meant to you. What it still means to you after all these years. That’s what it’s all about, not this ridiculous bullshit.

  2. Luiza Cobain Says:

    I´m from Brazil and I am a Nirvana´s fan too. I hate the way that the media use the Cobain´s particular stuffs ´cause he didn´t like it. He never said that the non necessary thigs was always a big shit. So fuck the shoes, fuck all the non necessary stuff. Kurt knows that the true fans don´t need that ridiculous “bullshit”. Kurt, I´ll always love you and your songs. For http://www.kurtcobain.com : I love this web site.

    Hugs and kisses from Brazil:::)))

  3. Luiza Cobain Says:

    I wat to meet the person who wrote the 1st comment. Who´s “Atom”?
    Kisses from Barzil
    Ps.: I f Atom could show me his or her e-mail should be great!!!;D

  4. KurtFan Says:

    hey guys I think Chuck’s name is Jaylor not Taylor

    PS : my website is in french^^

  5. goldy Says:

    what is with these shoes? it makes no sense cobain would have hated this.

  6. Annie Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean Chucks are cool but Cortney Love is doing what she did with the mixed albums and all of his stuff, getting the money and well to be honest they dont even look like something that Cobain would even let go. No true Nirvana fan would wear them if someone does they are just posers

  7. nena Says:


  8. nena Says:


  9. Beesley Says:

    I think that kurt would hate this commercial company taking advantage of his image and fan base to make a profit. on the other hand it is nice for him to get some recinition but i feel that he would have prefferd people homour him in another way.

  10. Beesley Says:

    to add to my last comment why cant everyone just buy the plain ones at target that cost way less. They were the type he actually wore and liked. This is bullshit. I was not alive until 1993 but i am as big a fan if not bigger then any and i know that Kurt would have hated his face to be used as a way of making a profit and he would have hated his most inner thoughts to put out for the entire world to see. Fuck you converse.

  11. roshel rey Says:

    I’m a big fan of Kurt Cobain, converse is doing great for the benefits of Kurt Cobain fanatic. just continue praise Kurt so that his memories always there, for me even Kurt Cobain not existing anymore I’m still the big fan of that guy he’s great… KURT COBAIN NEVER FAID!!!

  12. Jessye Says:

    T-shirts are fine……but these shoes? They are really crossing a line. Kurt had more than enough chances to publish his PERSONAL and PRIVATE journals if he wanted the world to know his thoughts that badly. These aren’t a few misspelled quotes from his online blog or myspace page; these are deep, private thoughts from the darkest corners of Kurt’s mind. Anyone who truly respects Kurt Cobain as a musician and a person would never pay money to SELL OUT THE GREATEST MUSICIAN OF ALL TIME. And let’s face it…..the only reason Courtney Love OK’d these was so she’d have a bit more money to put towards her drug addiction.

  13. thorn Says:

    im only 13 but i love kurt 2 death i apoligize my generation sucks
    i love u grunge
    ihate rap

  14. thorn Says:

    and country

  15. thorn Says:

    fuck u courtney ihope u read this u murdering bitch
    kurt loved u frances
    strt a band riot the streets
    grunge can come bak just believe

  16. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    I now love Kurt Cobain and I really want his converse but they don’t deliver to Canada. And Smells Like Teen Spirit is my ring tone :) heyy=)
    Love for Kurt Cobain <33

  17. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    I’m only 13 years old and I love Kurt. It sucks he’s not around anymore :(

  18. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    I hate Courtney Love she did this to Kurt!!

  19. nirvanabloke Says:

    Who really cares? Don’t buy them. It’s simple. yeah she’s making money off her dead husband but no one moaned when Yoko authorised the john lennon figures. what’s the difference?

    The big boppers (50’s rock’n’roll legend) son is selling his own fathers old coffin for thousands. courtney is selling some shoes. c’mon lets not get carried away.

    I still feel uneasy about the journals. yes I bought them but that WAS a bit dodgy.

  20. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    Yes, it is true. And I think that it is unnecessary for them to totally sell him out like this because he never wanted for all of his past stuff to be up like this but they are still nice shoes. And it is totally wrong for her to make money off of Kurt.Sometimes people cross the line and Courteny Love is one of those people!It is just plain wrong!Even though Kurt Cobain may not be alive…I think he still deserves some confidential and private stuff!Like journals for instant.If you want to learn more about him…read a book on him don’t by his once private stuff. Stuff like his journals shouldn’t have been released to the public like it was.

  21. Lauren Rae Says:

    Yeah Jess you are soooo right!! I like the shoes. But I like them because I love him, and I want everyone to know. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that :) Soo yeah!

  22. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    Dame fucking straight! I know I’m right unlike some people! I actually care if that bitch Courtney Love sells him out and makes money off him!(And they are some fucking nice shoes)! I totaly agree with Lauren Rae, she may not have said much,but those few words said alot

  23. Lauren Rae Says:


  24. nirvanafan95 Says:

    well its a good idea with the lyrics but all the others, it is just wrong, would you want people going through your stuff when you are gone, i dont think so.

  25. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    True,the lyrics are a good idea but the other stuff shouldn’t be on there and no, I wouldn’t want people going through my stuff when I’m gone and that is what I am trying to say. If there is stuff that he wanted to keep personal then it should always be keep personal.

  26. kobin Says:

    what is this fuckin advertisement,i just hate u guys,u r making money by the name of my lord,i just hate u bullshit.we only love our kurt not ur shoes mother fuckers

  27. Jessica Lynn Cameron Says:

    Me and a bunch of Kurt Cobain lover(fans) bought Kurt a cake for his birthday with his name on it and stuff. IloveKurtCobain<3

  28. uhhhh Says:

    i really love the way he sings, he can show his emotions… we can really feel his music

  29. Cyrine mahjoub Says:

    u’ll alwys be in our hearts K.Cobain..u rock!!i can’t understand you right now but i will nchl…i love your songs it’s just awesome!!
    kiss fropm Tunisia

  30. all apologies Says:

    hey all, can I say something to all your comments? I am probably the biggest nirvana/cobain fan (no offense to anyone) but I followed his career and life and works of art both musically and artisticly and what you have to remember is as far as the shoes and journals and everything else you all think is lame, frances is getting a cut of too which kurt would not have a fuckin problem with at all. All you people who claim to be die hard fans cant honestly tell me you dont enjoy reading his thoughts or original lyrics from his journals cuz i sure as fuck do. granted i will give you that courtney making the profit is bullshit and in a way she is selling kurt out. I look to remember kurt anyway possible he was brilliant and just what we the “chosen outcasts” needed he was our voice when nobody would listen he was there with his music when we needed him thats why he will be forever remembered as the greatest musician of all time. I sport my cobain shirts to remind people of him and because im proud and honored that i had his music and still do so if buying a pair of shoes that symbolizes kurt is wrong i dont want to be right, and that doesnt make me any less of a fan! kurt your the man wish you were still here you had so much more to do and write here we miss you!

  31. Armando Says:

    Listen who the fuck has the nerve to ruin Kurt Cobain!?This is exactly what he tried to prevent and perhaps one of the reasons he died. Because of this retarted marketing and making things public. Hey listen guys cool shoes but to us Nirvana fans who actually gave a shit for Kurt, these shoes are bullshit.

  32. Brain Dead Says:

    Who knows how Kurt would have felt about this. For one, he always did rail against commercialism and mtv, but at the same time he would call and complain that his videos weren’t played enough. If he were alive today he would probably condemn this bullshit (because that’s what it is) but at the same time he might have secretly encouraged for the simple reason it would help support his family. (After realizing that he singlehandedly saved converse from bankruptcy he wrote “endorsement” on his sneakers.) Honestly I don’t think he would take this kind of thing as seriously as you people are, as he openly mocked bands like x-treme for taking these things to seriously. Honestly I think he would have spent more time giving death threats to the people who seem to still attack his family. Fuck it, who cares. I know I like him for his music and the creative artwork he did and I won’t be spending my hard earned cash for this shit. To quote Kurt when he was talking about x-treme “They surround themselves these fucking dick-head commercial rock&roll guys who run ahead of them and tell the people who are greeting them ‘no video here’s what we need we want a path straight to the van, we don’t want any pictures taken’, and it’s like SO WHAT”. Fuck it, none of this matters anyway, so why not just laugh about it and stop taking it so goddamn seriously;)

  33. beanie heads Says:

    why in the hell are

    people even thinking of how he would have thought about a pair of stupid shoes. Its all a load of bullshit;) meow meow kitty power many paws and all that

  34. beanie heads Says:

    Kitty know all about the shisnt man.
    Fuck converse!

  35. Jesus The Onion Cat Says:

    Yep…and fuck you Beanie :-)

  36. beanie heads Says:

    Oh really.:O. I like that Jesus.

  37. Jesus The Onion Cat Says:

    Thanks Beanie. I love you.

  38. beanie heads Says:

    Sorry hope you kidding. I only see as a friend. Or acquaintance because i do not know you! Take care luv hearin from you Jesus.

  39. ted Says:

    ive been a huge nirvana fan since i was 15 (im 32 now) and own a pair of these shoes. theyre just shoes, and.. i dont think kurt would give a shit what kind of shoes i wear, honestly. (mine were a present, i have no idea what these cost) ive been wearing all stars for 15 years now.

  40. Just One Says:

    Does anyone know of any store that still sell the shoes? or where we can find them?

  41. Cass Says:

    First no one can really say how kurt would feel about the shoes unless u knew him personally im pretty sure no one so far including myself has even met him and if u did meet him that doesnt mean u know him no one really knows him except for the ones who were close to him and they are just shoes i dont get why people are freaking out like OMG THE SHOES THE SHOES THEY TOTALLY SELL OUT KURT the shoes have private thoughts but so do his song because the songs have his personal thoughts in them should we stop listen to them i think not so to everyone freaking out about THE SHOES you really need to relax :)

  42. Martoman Says:

    I dont really know what to say cuz i love nirvana and i love kurt more than words. But i would probably buy these shoes because i love him so much, they look cool, i hate that money is being made off Kurt in the wrong way, and if Courtney didnt kill him then fair enuf let her make money off him fs she has his kid who she has to support by herself c’mon. Although she sold to much of his stuff. It wud be so Kurt to not have died but escaped! he cud be somewhere right now eating grapes, he liked grapes :)

  43. Martoman Says:

    ‘All Apoligies’ ur pretty much right dude. Altho why the fuck dus everyone hate courtney when they have no proof that she killed kurt… i dont think shes smarter than the police do u guys? they wuda gat in the super detectives or sumthing.
    If Kurt was still alive, his fame wud be scarey… more music? more extreme awesomeness? I think he wud have retired if not killed himself, he wouldnt want to become more famous than he was becoming, everyone knows he started to hate it, he apreciated us as fans though. He would have went solo, apearing every now and again with Foo Fighters ect maybe… thatd be awesome. P.S dus anyone think Frances is hot? lol

  44. werpy derp derp Says:


    I think kurt probably wouldnt agree to these shoes being made,i should be doing my courswork, cuz he was such a rebelious guy and so anti-establishment but im pretty sure we’ll see these in the stores anyway no matter whose opinion. theres money to be made, this well definitely be sold. theres a huge market. its inevitable…

  45. Martoman Says:

    Well duh. If im ever sitting right beside u in sum sorta tech im gona slap u with a wet fish

  46. werpy derp derp Says:

    oh no… 0_o


    0 o

    0 o

    0 0


    0 0


    0 0


  47. Martoman Says:

    Aye ur mais dais crisp sandwich…. is out. of. date!

  48. vigar muviantara Says:

    i cant non stop loving u……… kurt

  49. zeynep Says:

    lots of love from Turkey We love you “Kurt” :)

  50. vanezza Says:

    amo a kurt lejos lo mas bello k a existido aparte es un gran musico, en resumen es perfecto

    lo amoooooooo muxo

  51. Karl Says:

    – copy / paste from a same comment about the same shit –

    This site supposed to be a site which RESPECTS Cobain’s memory, but let there be rock, let there be ca$h, let’s sell and sell and sell ’till his corpse is drained! How come a tribute site supports this kind of exploitation? These shoes are another PATHETIC example of cashing-in a dead’s man life, work and memory. This attitude is worse than the worst! It’s so disgusting I wanna throw up! Everything that Kurt HATED are now on sale by mega companies and bearing his name as a trademark. What the fuck man? What the fuck? The UTTER PATHETIC SHITTY ATTITUDE towards any person. Exploiting EVERYTHING for cash and in the same time pretending to pay respect to Kurt. Wake up people and DON’T be a part in this disgrace, they want your money ONLY, they are so glad Cobain’s dead so they can sell him more and more! WAKE THE FUCK UP people and have the DIGNITY not to be part in it or simply FUCK OFF, you are one of “them”!

    ps: I was never a Nirvana fan, I just happent to repsect Cobain.

  52. Martoman Says:

    I just finished Heavier than Heaven. The story of Kurt Cobain. Highly recomended :)

  53. Ashley Says:

    I wouldn’t buy these shoes, you could just buy a regular pair of converse and deck them out the way you want. That’s what I do. I have a pair of converse that has Nirvana and Kurt stuff written all over them. Don’t waste your money supporting something that Kurt would be against.

  54. oscar78 Says:

    que tiempos.Lo que me hizo sentir nirvana no lo logro otro grupo jamas.Lo del diario lo veo muy mal,una bajeza.Me encanta cuando veo a algunos chavales lleven algo referente a nirvana y demuestra que se recuerda a kurt y a nirvana.Me gusta que nueva generaciones sientan ,mas o menos,las letras y el sonido retorcido de su musica melodica destrozando guitarras .Jamas olvidare a kurt y sus letras que me hicieron llorar ,reir y volverme loco de euforia.Gracias nirvana,gracias kurt

  55. T@Y!OR C0bain Says:


  56. Kurt cobain Says:

    LISTEN ATOM. stop saying bullshit. you dont know fucking shit stop wasting your mother fucking time. kay??!

  57. Shiv Says:

    Yes all of us are fucking sad that They still using Him to earn some shit. But what the fuck can we do about it? The best we can do is not buy them, that’s it! He loved scribbling stuff on his shoes and so you can scribble your own shit on your own shoes…my head aches as these fucked up ideas never die… have been a big fan of him ever since I heard him back in 1998. Love him even more as days go by…Leave him alone, he must be happy wherever he is…don’t make him pick up his telescope and look down on us…let him be…

  58. ??? Says:

    Since i was like 8, I loved Nirvana. But it makes me wonder what kurt would think if he saw how we all say vulgar things to each other in his name? Look at this post>(just took this one randomly)

    # nena Says:
    December 14th, 2008 at 3:01 pm


    ….I mean really people? Do you have to be like that? Why can’t we simply agree that kurt would not want any of this crap such as these stupid converse shoes….and that we, his loyal fans, stuck with him till the end and we still do. R.I.P Kurt….grunge 4 life.

    “Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you already are”. – Kurt Cobain

  59. MitaCobain97 Says:

    I think they dont sell them enymore in my country :(((((((

  60. Raven Says:

    This is basically crap.

    There’s nothing wrong with wearing Nirvana T-shirts, or Nirvana shoes, or whatever the fuck that says “Nirvana” on it. Same thing with their lyrics, and same thing with Kurt’s name, or face. But these are HIS thoughts, being published for no damn reason but making money (come on, Courtney, don’t do this!).

    This is stupid as hell, and you know Kurt wouldn’t like this. Honor his memory, don’t be a victim of the media. This is exactly what Kurt said he was against.
    So basically, if you buy this crap, you’re a lame ass poser who doesn’t get the message behind Kurt’s lyrics (and who seems to go deaf while watching him speak on a video).

    This frustrates me. I wish I could do something about it, and I wish Kurt was still around to stop this.

    Ugh. I could just cry right now.

    This is just plain ass bullshit. Damn it.

  61. rona jean Says:

    I love converse. I love Kurt Cobain. But yes, the journals of Lord Kurt Cobain must not be in public eye. Come on guys, his privacy must be respected. Uhm, instead of printing his journals in shoes or shirts why don’t they just print his name “Kurt Cobain”? I love Kurt Cobain so much, til death do we part and I want to be surrounded by him..shirts,cds, posters , shoes, hankies, etc…but I will never intrude his most private thoughts. Im not mad at converse I’m just mad with the “selfish brat people” behind all these abusive stuffs.

  62. rona jean Says:

    Oh my God..how i really wish Kurt Cobain was still here..who knows? he would have a HAPPY and HEALTHY life now…I love you Kurt to the millionth power…Long Live Kurt! You still drive me crazy…everyday….forever Kurt….forever…muah…

  63. stef Says:

    I think it is amusing that everyone thinks that this would have pissed Kurt off. the thing is, you all have nirvana shirts and posters and probably purchased a jagstang just because Kurt had one. I’d definately buy a pair of these shoes because it just another way to show that I’m a fan of nirvana and have been since 1990, just after Bleach was recorded for about $600, took about a day to record and to date is still one of the most wicked, rawest albums out there.
    So, if these shoes piss you off then throw out your nivana t-shirts and posters, cut your hair and sell your jagstang, boss ds-1 and small clone chorus and buy some celine dion albums or something else

  64. stef Says:

    oh should I add that his estate, Bean’s inheritance, is an incredible figure all because of album sales and merchandising.
    Everytime you purchase a nirvana album, t-shirt, poster, these shoes that everyone is so pissed about, whatever may have in anyway something to do with Kurt, you are adding to Bean’s bank account now.

  65. Grunge It Up | Flies in my eyes Says:

    […] her leg and inspecting her shoes with interest, and they were staring right back in my face: a Converse’s All star pair of hand-written Nirvana lyrics shoes she had bought in […]

  66. Arlen Mckenrick Says:

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  68. Kat Says:


  69. DrHouse Says:

    Oh, please, give me a break! People, you’re making such a big deal out of this. So, they put his writings on a shoe,the writings that were PREVIOUSLY published. If he didn’t want his journals to be found or read, he would’ve destroyed them.
    And it is so, so lame to judge and critisize those who buy these shoes. Buying them should not mean disrespecting Kurt or Nirvana, but quite the oposite.
    Also I’m sure many of you, who say these things have already read the journals.
    And how on Earth could any one of us possibly know what Kurt would have wanted. Even people who were around him didn’t always know what’s going around his mind. And he’s dead now, so we will never know.

  70. Converse Skor Says:

    Converse shoes was allways a part of Kurt Cobains life. But it is a great shoe.

  71. billiga converse skor Says:

    I didnt know that about Kurt Cobain. Now I am an even bigger fan of him.

  72. Bunnasaur Says:

    DrHouse is the only one that makes sense on here. “And how on Earth could any one of us possibly know what Kurt would have wanted.” I agree. None of us knew him personally.
    So people need shut the fuck up and stop lashing out because of a pair of CONVERSE.

  73. Gege Says:

    They don’t make these anymore do they? :/
    I wish I could buy them.

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