Official Nirvana Reading Festival DVD To Be Released

Some of you may have read a story in a UK publication, about the 1992 Reading Festival show being released on DVD in May. This is not true! Save your hard earned cash! This is an illegal bootleg, not produced from the original masters, or sanctioned by the band/estate.

The official Nirvana ‘Live At Reading’ DVD (to be announced in a future posting) will include restored video with pristine visual quality, re-mastered audio from the original audio masters in TRUE 5.1 surround sound, and a wealth of exclusive bonus features.

We will deliver you a package worthy of this landmark concert that will put any inferior bootlegs to shame. Well worth the wait! Stay tuned for more official updates.

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  1. kurt,lo que tengo para decirte es que te comprendo ,tengo 32 años y no puedo ser cinico,por que aceptar el daño que nos hacen es imposible,ojala estes bien en donde estes,hay gente que siempre te va a tener en cuenta.

  2. Kurt Cobain was a hero, not just for me but many people through out the world.wither he commited suicide or it was a “murder”. he is still remembered not as a crazy man, but as an amazing Artist. r.i.p kurt donald cobain, were ever you are ,

  3. today..all day long i listened your songs.. noone is better than u.noone is greater than u kurt i miss u! miss u so much!

  4. Hi there,

    I work for an online music retailer called Insound and I’m putting together a list of Nirvana websites that we’re going to contact to be involved with some promotion for the upcoming new releases. Do you have an email address I can add to my database to send you more information?



  5. Kurt, I suffered from some of the same nausea, anger and bitterness that you did and you saw me through an adolescence from Hell. My intense sexual attraction for you then only frustrates me more now. Well, I hope you’re doing okay. I love you and I miss you (I assumed this was an appropriate place to put this). You are beautiful. Take care. xx00

  6. Kurt you are an amazing man. You will never be forgotten. I’m glad to see that there are so many sane people out there that also love Kurt. He was truly an incredible person, inside and out. When he could just hear his pain and it breaks my heart.

  7. Nirvana, what other band name can you say and it makes you want to rock out, because hello they rock, Cry, because Kurts Gone, and feel normal, because they are so much like you??? Kurt im not sure if you took your life or if someone took it from you but what i do know is that even thought you died 26 days before i was born i miss you, i love, i need you…….but all i can say now is rest in peace sweet prince, i love you

  8. I don’t know where to add general comments, so here’s as good as any. I just want to say that this web site is a rather weak effort, and distasteful on top of that. I’m sure that the first post, the greeting post about your “official” release, basically a blind advertisement to make more money for a person who can’t spend it money due to his deadness, would not be endorsed by him. I mean, if I saw this half-assed attempt at a web site that then attempted to further sell me out, I would be totally pissed, personally, and I believe anyone would feel the same.

    If you don’t want to spend time and energy and money properly tributing the man, then just don’t do it. Please. It is shameless, this seems like a shameless webertisement, like everything the punk in Kurt raged against. It smells like corporate spirit, and, most importantly, I don’t see one iota of Kurt’s spirit, here. He is no where.

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