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Posted by admin on May 2nd, 2009 filed in News

Are you interested in getting involved with We are looking for interns to help with writing, research, and organizing content. If you are a Kurt Cobain fan who would like to contribute to the growth of this site as a resource for other fans, please register and leave a comment with your ideas!

We have received an overwhelming number of requests to expand this project to include community forums. If you support this development please donate any amount using the link above.


52 Responses to “Get Involved!”

  1. Levi Says:


  2. daniel Says:

    how about a fact page all about kurts life i can do that

  3. admin Says:

    daniel that would be fantastic!

  4. Tyler Says:

    how about getting a sponsor from the Cobain Memorial? :D

    Great site for facts and 2 whole pages of Kurt with Nirvana/Dale Crover. just suggestions.

  5. Sam Says:

    i am good at creative writing, so i can write up any passages you may need…

  6. downer123 Says:

    i can do anythig the site needs, just contact me.

  7. downer123 Says:

    we can make a timeline of nirvana’s history.

  8. kurdt kovain Says:

    these are awesome…krt cobai is the greatest musician ever……my name is kurdt kovain because that is wha the owner of sub pop records called him

  9. the same daniel Says:

    so admin how would i do that im not really good at makeing pages how bout i email u the info an u make the page sound good to you?

  10. the same daniel Says:

    oh by the way daniel and the same daniel are well the same daniel oh and admin how about a kurt’s quotes page

  11. seatea Says:

    So I went on a pilgrimage last week-end to Aberdeen, WA. It was pretty sad actually. The only place in town to buy CDs is Wal-Mart and they didn’t have ANY Nirvana CDs.

    I have pictures I’d like to share along with my personal story of the visit.

    Some of the pictures are of Kurt’s bridge over the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah. There is a small KC park right next to the bridge. I have pictures of the park too.

    How do I contact you by e-mail so I can send pictures?

  12. ceadhu Says:

    we can make a polestar of nirvana’s history,universal.the songs of the band are ever greatest hits.s-l-t-s-not makes any difference between past and does’t seems like old song,an ever fixed…….

  13. ceadhu Says:

    kurt,remarkable for future generation youths too………..just say everfixed mark.

  14. dyvynyty Says:

    I am very interested in Kurt Cobain’s musical legacy, his spiritual effect on my generation (x’ers unite!), and how he is remembered and celebrated now. interested in any of that?

  15. eric Says:

    Im interested in promoting awareness about the facts surrounding his death and for the cause of changing his cause of death from “suicide” to “undetermined.” There is enough factual evidence out there which proves he did not kill himself.

  16. michael Says:


  17. natasha Says:

    i think a lot of these ideas are great like but need something different. id be very happy to have an internship

  18. annewind Says:

    In my masters I’m writting about the relationship between genx and Kurt Cobain and how this could be seen as having a spiritual undertone. I would love to hear what other would have to say on this topic.

  19. daniel Says:

    dear annewind you could write about the influence of smells like teen spirit in the early 90′s and how a kid ounce fell of a balcony while he was moshing to it in a mall

  20. annewind Says:

    Great, thanks. Which other songs would you say had the most impact on the fans/generation x? I’m really to young to remember any of it so it would be great to hear what you guys think. :)

  21. shazzadee Says:

    If you need any articles in regard to Kurt’s murder (yes I said murder), feel free to contact me. I follow Tom Grant’s progress very closely.

  22. daniel Says:

    to annewind

    probally dive and heart-shaped box i was born in 96 so i dont really know.

  23. kurt for life Says:

    kurt will always live in my heart

  24. Bre-z Says:

    i have read all the books about kurt and seen many of the movies about kurt. i play guitar also and have played many models that kurt has also, so maybe i could do reviews about things associated with kurt?

  25. maria gunge princess Says:

    the new generation of grunge to recordate nirvana.
    kurt i need you in my world

  26. steveng4619 Says:

    kurt played a kind of rhythm acoustic guitar as was fashionable at the time of genx. when things got complicated kurt
    spelled out what it meant to himself what it was to live and played through
    his complications with his guitar with the use of melody and rhythm. I think kurt was reliving moments of his life when he played

  27. twiceborn Says:

    How about a good interpreter who can help make the fans feel at home and continually improve communication to Nirvana fans?

    Feel good music, and I am glad to have registered here. :)

    Kurt’s music is sad and energetic, but its truth, and if truth is sad, then so be it.

  28. Nina Says:

    I want to write a big book I need info!

  29. Anna Piggies Says:

    Olha, sou ótima em português e amo o Kurt *00*

    sou super disposta a esquever o que sei, fazer pesquisar para saber mais e transmir as pessoas aquilo que sei.
    Sou boa em teses e textos em geral.

    MAs principalmente tenho vontade de fazer alguma coisa, saber que o que eu tenho SERVE para alguma coisa. Que É alguma coisa. Quero saber que eu sou últil ;D

  30. kurtslittlefriend2 Says:

    Kurt is more than an inspiration for people he is a life long friend and personally he is my life. i live i learn everything that is and always will be Kurt Cobain. No one in the world can from my point of view take what Kurt has done and Make it any better. He is and always will be The one and only grunge rock generation speaker.

  31. kurtslittlefriend2 Says:

    Kurt Cobain has made his life all about trying to tell his fans about him self and trying to let the world know about things that he felt were important to him. Everyone that has the pleasure of listening to his music can tell that he puts his all into his music and no one can ever ever do it better. Kurt has a way about him that can not be described by words. his music touched people in many ways. his music talked to the people that felt cant be heard and let them know that there was some one out there who understood them and will be able to tell the world how it feels. Kurt Donald Cobain has had a major effect in my life as well as many others and i am greatful that i had a chance to be apart of helping to spread the word on how he has done so much even in the little time that he was alive then many in more years

  32. Clark Says:

    Would Kurt even like the internet?

  33. kurtslittlefriend2 Says:

    lol i think so he would like to put his music out so that anyone could listen to it.

  34. Danielle Says:


  35. Shiv Says:

    Not a shame at all Danielle…they are lucky!:) You think they would have been the same if they escaped death and were still alive? What would they live on? Where’s the motivation now that wasn’t there then, and so they died? They are living because they are dead. Let’s let them be…Miracle isn’t it? Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, our Kurt Cobain- all died at the same age? Guess they lived life fast..faster than most of us…seen things so early in life, that we are still waiting for…they had enough and decided to end…good they did…good they burnt out instead of fading away, as Kurt rightfully put it…I have been worshiping them as a kid, and I’m still a die-hard fan…I still believe no music is better than grunge…I feel they are their peaceful best post death…and I got enough Kurt left in me which I can very well carry with me to my death-bed…I got plenty of him in me :)

  36. Shiv Says:

    By the way, let me know how may I be helpful…

  37. Shiv Says:

    Lol…how can any boby else know how can i be helpful??? I’m a travel writer based in India, and I more than willing to contribute whichever way I can/I’m allowed. Thnx!!!

  38. fatality Says:

    I am extremely interested in becoming a part of this fabulous webpage. I’d love to help out on anything available. My strong points are writing and photography, but I’d be willing to help out anyway I can. Thanks :D

  39. veer Says:

    yeah dude that’s a gud work u ppl doing i will keep a regular touch and maybe if i come up with something i will suggest !1 keep going and do a good job cheers.

  40. DestinyOFire Says:

    Tell me what I can do to help, I would love to get involved.

  41. the girl who sold the world for kurt cobain Says:

    ı would love to be involved. i can do anything to help , iam a fan from turkey .D

  42. Kenneth Yucha Says:

    Gives me chills looking back at some of the older photos of Curt, he was a friend, and miss him to this day. We spent a few nights doing what younger kids do when growing up in Aberdeen, and can recall some rather wild times! If you have contact with Cris, tell him hi for me, been a long time since I have seen him.

    Ken Yucha
    Aberdeen, WA

  43. KenYucha Says:

    I just registered for this site, and I am currently on track for my AAS IT Web Development. So if you need some ideas or help with anything feel free to let me know. As far as Curt liking the internet……duh……..he would have loved it!!

  44. tia Says:

    kurt cobain is so freakin awesome. and his legacy should live on. so yall keep lovin him. and show the world what he and his music is all about. and boo lady ga ga

  45. nakul Says:

    I LOVe kurt cobain !…..i’m from india and would love to b a part of him!
    lemme knw!!

  46. elly Says:

    Hey! This is elly from greece. I ‘m obsessed with Kurt. First of all I think you should have some of his songs playing while visiting the site. explain to people that Kurt was an artist with feelings and not a crazy narcotic as many clueless say!
    You’de better publish some articles about it. If I can help in anyway please let me know!

  47. kurtsgirl77 Says:

    Hi, I’m a professional writer/editor and would love to contribute to this site in any way I can. I’ve been a fan of Kurt’s for roughly 20 years, and feel I have something to offer. Please feel free to contact me!

  48. Katie Marie Nelson Says:

    The NSA (National Security Agency) has made claims that they caused Kurt Kobain’s suicide. They claim they were targeting him with satellites more specifically aiming them at his stomach. It caused him severe agony until he took his life.

  49. grunge85 Says:

    How about a page debating wether or not Courtney love was involved with kurt cobains death. I have a book with facts about his death that make it look as courtney killed him.
    let me know.

  50. kurt jo Says:

    hi! my name is kurt and i

  51. Yurigagarin Says:

    I suggest a section showcasing Kurt’s early visual artwork, particularly his paintings i.e. the cover of Incesticide.

  52. Yurigagarin Says:

    I would be very interested in digging these images up for the site. Apparently 5 previously unseen pieces have just been unearthed and Courtney Love is going to auction them off!

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