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  1. I believe in psychics (legit ones) because I’ve talked to some who’ve been so specific to me about my life, it was amazing. As I am very independent, I’d often make ‘my own decisions’ regardless of what they would say, but was always amused when what they said would happen happened, and sometimes long after I had forgotten about it. I don’t believe self-fulfilling prophecy was at work because these psychics were just too specific.

    Also, I’ve had contact with a spirit guide before, though not any spirits who’ve passed to the other side. So, I think there is “another world out there.”

    I admire Layla for having the guts to come out and say what she is receiving. Whether people believe what she is saying or not is not of any relevance because “some things are true whether you believe them or not.”

    The truth will come out in the perfect time.

  2. Kurt Cobain was a cunt. just because he looked so pained and ethereal, doesn’t mean he’s fucking jesus christ. He was a control freak, spiteful, had an evil side you would never believe. He was an absolute fucking bastard whinging cunt.
    R I Pain Kurt Cobain

  3. “An ex”? Wouldn’t be Courtney Love herself would it? She loves googling herself, seeing what people have to say about her because she’s a real fucking narcissist.

    Kurt Cobain was vulnerable and impressionable and Courtney brought out the worst (or the “evil”) in him. It wouldn’t surprise me. I heard that she had a disagreement with brooke barnette over this site. Maybe my sources were wrong…But I doubt it. Lay off the loser dust Court.

  4. I have to say I believe in Layla. I also believe that all this arguing over what really happened is a waste of energy. I was 12 when I watched the media coverage and I knew then from a gut instinct that there was something really wrong with the whole scenario. I believe he was murdered for his money and that the person who really pulled the trigger that day is still out there somewhere. I agree with Layla when she talks about how justice will be served, I believe in karma, what goes around comes around and I strongly believe that you should treat others how you would like them to treat you. As for the person who really pulled the trigger, it’s only a matter of time, the truth will out. RIP Kurt x

  5. You people who keep saying he was murdered are stupid. He battled with depression and suicidal thoughts his whole life. It’s in hundreds of books and websites. Read about your “hero” a little before you think you know everything about him. If you knew more you would realize he in fact killed himself. It is sad, but true. I wish he were still alive, but conspiracy theories won’t bring him back. A good reference book would be “Cobain Unseen” or his published journals. Stop the ignorance and remember him for what a beautiful genius he was. Thanks.

  6. I liked watching this interview of Kurt’s grandfather. It’s good to hear more about his life than his death. I don’t know wheather or not Kurt killed himself, or if he were murderd, but it’s in the past & we shouldn’t worry about it. Let people think what they want but either way, he’s dead. Instead we should just let Kurt rest in peace & just keep his amazing music alive.♥

  7. Someone died today
    taken in their prime
    that left me gasping
    and wondering why.

    Time stopped
    everything slowed down
    I heard the words
    but I couldnt hear a sound.

    I think about you everyday
    its more than words can say
    I know the truth
    one day it will come out
    I know you my brother
    I know beyond doubt.


    Layla we have something in common.
    Clairaudience and a certain friend.
    Its the first time ive seen this site,
    i was guided to it by our friend,
    the reason to know im not alone.
    I admire your courage.
    Hopefully you may read this.
    Im sure you will.
    You Know You Are Right.

  8. ding dong merrily on high (soon)
    in heaven bells are ringing
    Courtney is blown sky high (soon)
    for all the hurt she’s giving
    Hare Krishna hare krishna
    krishna krishna
    krishna krishna
    hare rama hare rama
    rama rama hare hare
    Mazletoff Courtney
    et tu brut

  9. Cobain did not even write the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit or to Come As You Are. He was not god, he is not the spirit guide after life psychic to burnt out LSD lesbians . Live in reality, people. Courtney Love worked as a talent scout for her N|Y industry connections. She was in two major indie rock films before she ever met Cobain. She was in the film ‘Sid and Nancy’ in 1986, and in ‘Straight to Hell’ in 1987, which starred some of the top names in rock n roll at the time including Elvis Costello and THE Clash.
    She had huge connections and contacts everywhere.Her father had been manager for the Grateful Dead and helped organize the Altamont music festival in the 1960’s. Courtney attempted to recruit several rockers before eventually settling on Cobain in 1989 and guiding his career from then on via NY advisors. They advised him to save his best material for later and to put out an independent label ‘demo’ first, which was the album Bleach, and to do a cover song. Nirvana’s cover of ‘Love Buzz’ and ‘About a Girl’ were done for them by a studio band backing Cobain’s vocals. (About a girl was written for Cobain) The rest of the album was intentionally rough-edged real Nirvana material. There was also a photographer assigned to photograph Cobain from the early time of his career, in obscure locales, a truly amazing amount of photographs done as part of the plan to build Cobain’s image as an outsider’, when in reality he had been recruited/scooped up by the CIA early on. Cobain was earning his wings by doing drug mule jobs in 1986 when he was given the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are.
    He recorded the songs five years later, when Courtney Love’s contacts had arranged for him to sign with Geffen.
    Cobain left a woman who loved him deeply, who had cared for him for years and lived him for four years, Tracy Marander, because Courtney Love promised to unlock the keys to mega-stardom if he left Tracy for her.
    Cobain dumped Tracy in 1990 and married Courtney Love shortly afterward.
    Courtney Love arranged for Cobain to shill for the gay movement in exchange for high-level exposure . Cobain was forced to do a pro-gay interview for the gayzine mag ‘The Advocate’, his pic appearing on the cover of that homosexual activist magazine, and his reward for doing that was that Nirvana was granted heavy rotation on MTV, awarded ‘best new artist’ on MTV , and featured live on the MTV Video Music Awards six months later. Cobain’s end of the deal also meant Nirvana having to a live benefit show in Portland to raise money for gay activist groups, organized by Gus Van Sant.
    All of this was arranged by Courtney Love’s high level contacts. The trillionaire globalists who control the world spend billions to change and direct popular culture. Depopulation is one of their primary objectives, as is breaking the cultural will and sanctity of white America, destroying white American values, families, and their christian global financial and political influence. They finance radical feminism, homosexualization of culture, multiculturalism, mass immigration lobbyists, affirmative action,black history initiatives, and virtually anything else that will eradicate white people and their culture, because they see the white christian middle class as the main barrier to their complete dictatorial and demonic control of the world.

  10. btw, Courtney Love edited and created a book she published and marketed as Cobain’s journal, which was in reality partoially written and heavily by her and her family/advisors, copying his handwriting, featuring a few notebooks and looseleaf scraps and diaries that he’d collected over the years. In the journals, Cobain was falsely built up as some mastermind of his own career who had planned every detail, made incredibly astute career moves on his own , and worked his way by sheer will and determination to the top of the rock world, all on his own , on a shoestring budget of ‘artistic integrity’ blah blah blah. This was nothing but a myth-making, profitable lie. Cobain did almost everything in his career on the advice and guidance of his handlers, including hiring Dave
    Grohl as drummer, signing with and then dumping his first label Sup Pop, choosing certain producers and choosing Geffen as his label etc.
    All of this was crafted and worked from behind the scenes by Cobain’s handlers, and the ‘journal’ publication was a deliberate obfuscation/distortion of what really transpired.

  11. To Wankerdrone-on-and-on. You sound like person of reason and value, with really excellent perceptions and observations. I suggest you apply to The New York Times for a position as toilet cleaner. You’ll be able to soak up more shit, and write it down, while you are on the throne having a crap.What a rancid, jealous old queen you are! Nobody thinks Kurt is god. They’re just pissed that he got murdered. FRANK ZAPPA MIGHT SAY “If your mind is prehensile, then put down the pencil, and go and take a squat on the cosmic utensil, give it all you got on the cosmic utensil”. Alright lovee? I’m not interested in what you say; some might say, that nobody else is either. xx

  12. btw, wasp wannabee, like a typical Cobain worshipper, your mind is never far from the toilet that it feeds on.

  13. You are the wasp wannabee !! You didn’t get it. You’ve made yourself look sooo ridiculous.

  14. D.J. I read your comments and everybody elses. I loved what you said about “just because you dont believe it, it doesnt mean it isnt true”, succint,philosophically very open. This forum needs people like you to continue. I read every comment, first time I’ve seen this Justice for Kurt thing. Why dont you take a more active profile ? You would be great. I feel you are where its at X

  15. Ok you guys, I have read all police reports and book/ Articles. You are simply wrong if u believe its murder. Grants best evidence to prove murder is the amount of heroin Kurt had in his system / was ” enough to render him unable to shoot himself” hmmm really? Did u forget that he had been doing heroin for years therefore had a high talorence.
    RIP Bro, we all love u and miss u

  16. Yes,we know about Kurt’s high tolerance of heroin, but to use a gun of that size to off yourself, would be an acrobatic feat in itself. Contrary to popular belief, kurt was very practical and a perfectionist, when he set his mind to something. He’s hardly going to use a gun like that. Fucking bigger than he was. Impossible.

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