An Astrological Tribute to Kurt Cobain

Legendary live-fast-die-young Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain would have been 41 tomorrow, February 20, had things turned out … differently. (Lord, why couldn’t you have taken Scott Stapp instead?! We all know he longs to be closer to Thee!!) Er, anyhoo, here’s an analysis of Kurt’s chart and the factors leading up to his untimely death. Not unlike Heath Ledger, he passed away while under the influence of his first Saturn return (as well as, ahem, a bunch of other stuff).Click here to read CelebAstroBlogy’s analysis of Kurt Cobain’s natal chart

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  1. Sorry for my english

    Kurt Cobain was a genius of the music, but like much among them, Kurt had in him a demon which alas had taken the top.

    I believe that in time that fan of Kurt Cobain, I have to learn a good lesson from this tragic death.

    In the life it is necessary to know to look at to it with dimensions positive things and when this one becomes a storm and that all degenerates, it is necessary to know to pose the weapons and to take moves back can is essential that one makes.

    That its would be impassioned or not.

  2. Nirvana is the best band ever made. They will never be forgotten because of Kurts musical talent. We all love you Kurt R.I.P

    Its better to burn out then to fade away,
    Peace, Love, and Empathy
    Kurt Cobain <3

  3. What a wretched waste. Kurt got what he
    wanted, and lost what he had. If that
    is the price of fame, then count me
    out. He was a gifted troubled man who
    left this world far too early.

    As for the crash car that is his widow,
    the less said,the better…

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