An Astrological Tribute to Kurt Cobain

Legendary live-fast-die-young Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain would have been 41 tomorrow, February 20, had things turned out … differently. (Lord, why couldn’t you have taken Scott Stapp instead?! We all know he longs to be closer to Thee!!) Er, anyhoo, here’s an analysis of Kurt’s chart and the factors leading up to his untimely death. Not unlike Heath Ledger, he passed away while under the influence of his first Saturn return (as well as, ahem, a bunch of other stuff).Click here to read CelebAstroBlogy’s analysis of Kurt Cobain’s natal chart

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  1. Kurt is God right up there with Janis Joplin and hendrix and The Doors.. It’s just messed up.I honestly think Courtney had something to do with his death… but everyone has there opinions.

  2. Something is in the stars with Kurt’s incredibly creative life, albeit it a brief 27 years. I agree with AP, The longevity of Kurt’s life will far surpass that of most musicians or other artist – his raw power as an artist is hard to compare to. The words I’ve read on the Saturn Return make me believe there is much more to our living cycles than most people allow themselves to believe, imo. We talk about that in our book, the 27s, b/c so many incredible musicians passed at that age.

  3. Kurt Cobain written the best songs that have ever been written. Today, listen to what artists , if thats what you can call them, are writting about.Like pussycatdolls, girls that are around 5 are going to be seening and listening to these songs about sex, partying, and killing.And the music videos , like stupid shit by girlisious, they are dancing in nothing but there underwear and bras. Bring back the real music! I Hate This Gerneration.

  4. I agree with AP i think courtney had everything to do with his death. I also agree with faith because it’s like what happened to the real music? no instead we’re stck with bogas shit to listen to damn it wh’d kurt have to die? any whoo it seems like all any one likes to talk about any more is sex sex sex well people tend to get sick of listenin about sex orpeople writing about how good it is to b fucked so it just sickens me one day those so called arists will wake up and realize that not everyone cares about being fucked i mean what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom u dont go tellen every one tht you fucked ur partner because u just dont do that shit to people y cant u people realize this shit? Kurt didnt write a song every time he screwed courtney now did he? think about that before you brag about fucking some one in a song

  5. I truly believe that Kurt was meant live on longer if courtney wasn’t around him or critizing him. I really dont care what anyone says Kurt is my hero and he watching over us all!!! With his hair and Wings! Courtney is a demon that doesnt belong here!

    Hey Ap i agree with you and who cares about courtney she is a demon preying on poor lil Frances, God save her soul (Frances)

  6. Kurt was a true artist. and that bitch courtney was greedy enough to get him killed and now she is living on his money and fame. what a shame!

    Long live Kurt and his art!

  7. kurt cobain

    ————- LIVE ——————-

    —————courtney Love Bitch————————-

  8. if kurt would have been alive we wud hav gone mad..killing ourselves with the drug called ‘nirvana’..

    I wanted to die taking that drug..

  9. What happens if you say and feel: ‘heroin is the only thing that keeps me from blowing my head off” and your wife tells you “quit the heroin or I leave”….?

  10. i love kurt cobin,he is one of my favorite singers.i remember listening to 98 rock down in tampa,fla the day he died.i was shocked.i just finished reading his was kind of weird,but it was good.his legend roks on.

  11. i loved kurt with my life. he is my hero. he the one i go to when im pissed, sad, mad, happy and ect. i listen to his music 24/7 of my life. i have a kurt cobain purse and i have him hanging on my wall and i have pics of him everywhere. idont think we should be dissing courtney like that. i dont like her either but i dont think kurt would be happpy if he knew we where. i dont like the daughter either but thats just me. i think if he was still here the world would be a better place. we wouldnt have lady gaga or katty parey or lil wane or anything we would be telling the world the truth. we would be against war. we would love our childern like we are suppost too, we would tell the would the truth about one another. we would know what love is…..oh and if i ever get married i want kurt cobain and courtney love on top of my cake ^_^ i listen to nirvana and peral jam all day. im a little grunge hippie and im proud! ^_^ RIP kurt cobain. the day of his death was like a stabb in the heart.

  12. Lived longer in Courtney wasn’t around. Nevermind the fact Courtney performed CPR in Rome just weeks before his death. The irony kills me.

  13. sorry jet, but Kurt HATED pearl jam. plus there are some bands out there that DONT suck major dick. like my band. most of our music is inspired by Nirvana. RIP Kurt Cobain.

  14. Kurt Cobain était un génie de la musique ,
    mais comme beaucoup d’entre eux , Kurt
    avais en lui un démon qui hélas avais pris le dessus .

    Je crois qu’en temps que fan de Kurt Cobain, j’ai tirer une bonne leçon de cette
    mort tragique .

    Dans la vie il faut savoir regarder le cotée positif des choses et lorsque celle-ci devient une tempête et que tout dégénère , il faut savoir poser les armes et prendre du recule peut importe se que l’on fait .

    Que sa sois passionnée ou non .

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