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  1. how about getting a sponsor from the Cobain Memorial? 😀

    Great site for facts and 2 whole pages of Kurt with Nirvana/Dale Crover. just suggestions.

  2. so admin how would i do that im not really good at makeing pages how bout i email u the info an u make the page sound good to you?

  3. oh by the way daniel and the same daniel are well the same daniel oh and admin how about a kurt’s quotes page

  4. So I went on a pilgrimage last week-end to Aberdeen, WA. It was pretty sad actually. The only place in town to buy CDs is Wal-Mart and they didn’t have ANY Nirvana CDs.

    I have pictures I’d like to share along with my personal story of the visit.

    Some of the pictures are of Kurt’s bridge over the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah. There is a small KC park right next to the bridge. I have pictures of the park too.

    How do I contact you by e-mail so I can send pictures?

  5. we can make a polestar of nirvana’s history,universal.the songs of the band are ever greatest hits.s-l-t-s-not makes any difference between past and does’t seems like old song,an ever fixed…….

  6. I am very interested in Kurt Cobain’s musical legacy, his spiritual effect on my generation (x’ers unite!), and how he is remembered and celebrated now. interested in any of that?

  7. Im interested in promoting awareness about the facts surrounding his death and for the cause of changing his cause of death from “suicide” to “undetermined.” There is enough factual evidence out there which proves he did not kill himself.

  8. i think a lot of these ideas are great like but need something different. id be very happy to have an internship

  9. In my masters I’m writting about the relationship between genx and Kurt Cobain and how this could be seen as having a spiritual undertone. I would love to hear what other would have to say on this topic.

  10. dear annewind you could write about the influence of smells like teen spirit in the early 90’s and how a kid ounce fell of a balcony while he was moshing to it in a mall

  11. Great, thanks. Which other songs would you say had the most impact on the fans/generation x? I’m really to young to remember any of it so it would be great to hear what you guys think. 🙂

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