Kurt Cobain Converse Collection

Kurt Cobain ConverseConverse has given Kurt Cobain his own signature collection of shoes. Now available and shipping worldwide at Converse.com, Converse is currently producing a limited-edition series of Kurt Cobain footwear as part of the company’s 100th anniversary sales campaign, dubbed “Welcome to the Converse Century.” Each shoe is littered with drawings and writings that were published in 2002’s Kurt Cobain Journals. Several new models of Kurt Cobain shoes are coming with the Converse One Star model and a series of high-top Chucks already confirmed, according to NirvanaClub.com.

Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes provide a rarely seen glimpse into the head of this musical and lyrical genius with sketches that display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as Come As You Are.

To further pay tribute to the late singer, three of the Converse shoes that Cobain was often seen wearing will be reflected in the new collection which includes versions of Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes. To make the collection even more unique, they’ll have wear and fray detailing and Kurt Cobain’s signature subtly embroidered on the shoe’s outer.The shoes will be made available in black and white versions and should retail for around $50 – $65. The product line comes with the full cooperation of Courtney Love and the Estate of Kurt Cobain. Converse will release the full details of the shoes in April. Kurt Cobain Converse Collection One Star

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Buy Kurt Cobain All Star Converse at Converse.com


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  1. This is really cool. The journals were published so whatever. And I really wish people would stop speaking for a dead man and assuming he would or would not have agreed with this. It’s too late for him to argue.

  2. this is the most misguided $$$-grabbing stunt i’ve ever seen! want kurt’s shoes? start a band and wear the same pair of whatever cons for 5 years.

  3. I think it is an good way to remember him although maybe the journals are a bit too far. His lyrics are so deep and meaningful I don’t think you really need the journal entries but w/e.

  4. Damn I love them. But it’s totally wrong. He is a musician, not a money-grubbing bugger. But Curtney is it. I won’t support her by buying them.

  5. i agree with everyone who says, just take a fucking marker and scribble down the lyrics on a pair of falling apart converse.
    kurt cobain is a genius.

  6. iveh and Dumb(last 2 posts) pretty much said EXACTLY what I was going to say but I’ll say it again… Courtney’s no-talent ass is just feeding off her late-husband’s glory for all it’s worth so don’t buy the shoes.

    If you want to pay tribute to Kurt, buy regular ol’ cheap-as-you-can-find Chucks. That’s what the Man Himself wore, and he wouldn’t have YOU wear or SPEND anything else!!!

    And shit, why let Converse write THEIR favorite Cobain quotes on YOUR shoes?? Like Dumb says.. you got the books, liner notes and a Sharpe- scribe your own shoes and artwork.

    Nothing against Converse AT ALL. I’m Pro-Cobain / Nirvana all the way.

  7. I love them!!
    and sure its messing with his personal life a bit,
    but all this was published in books already, so I dont see why it matters anymore.

  8. they didnt even say the money was going to courtney!
    they said they had her cooperation.
    all that means is she wont be complaining about it.
    and they didnt pulish anything very personal on them, either!
    they have some drawings, and lyrics that are already all over the world.

  9. I honestly doent think kurt would be impressed. He disliked fame, he couldnt handle it well either. But then again Why be in a band if you dont like fame but still, this is horrid!




    IT’S SO CUTE…!!


  11. kurt donald cobain forever amo kurt ele e minha vida mesmo q pessoas estupidas fale mau dele ele vai esta sempre em nossos coraçoes eu nao rezo escuto nirvana eu nao amo kurt eu vivo por ele mesmo q as pessoas pese q ele e um estupido ele nao e! so e uma pessoa q era triste por ter muitos traumas quando criança antes de falar mau dele leia o livro mas pessado q o ceu voce vera o quanto ele sofreu kurt voce e o carra e sempre estara em meu autar te amo do fundo do meu coraçao love you te amo com todas as letra vc sempre estara no meu coraçao bejos de uma pessoa q te ama muito I LOVE KURT COBAIN sempre vou t amar aonde quer q voce esteja!paz amor e amparia s2

  12. To Grungegirl:

    Everyone who KNOWS kurt cobain and likes
    him, knows about his suicide note and
    his strips, so I don’t see the problem
    with designing shoes with them on it?
    And everyone is being soooo overreacted
    about this… Damn.

    Hear what she says:
    ”# jane Says:
    May 12th, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Its weird to see kurt cobains shoes here, you might think its wrong to buy them, but the truth is Kurt cobain would love to buy sex pistols shoes or jimi hendrix shoes, think about that!! this is made for his fans. And nirvana fans.If you buy them then it’s just because you love then so much and fallow their music. you are so proud to wear them. Come on Kurt was an artist , nobody will forget that!! this is cool, and not wrong to buy, you should be happy you can buy stuff like that”

    She is right. So why is it suuuuuuch a
    big problem to buy shoes from OUR hero?
    These shoes are fucking fantastic and
    I would do anything to have them, so
    stop whining about them and if you don’t
    like it, just don’t buy them

  13. i’ve looked at the shoes up close, and yes, the designs on the shoe are from his journal, but they don’t say anything really personal. most of it is drawings, lyrics, and a small write up he did about punk rock. so it’s not like they’re putting his very intimate thoughts on people’s feet. gotta admit, they are awesome.

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